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Vendor Updates


2023 Summer
Woodland Hills, Calif.

Nomadix brings connected experiences to life. For more than 25 years, it has been a trusted vendor to the world’s largest brands, delivering powerful and personalized connectivity via digital engagement solutions designed with real people in mind. Providing the backbone of visitor-based networks and managed Wi-Fi in over 150 countries to properties and venues of any size. Nomadix enables companies to connect, manage and engage in ways that redefine their digital customer experiences, help them make better business decisions and increase customer lifetime value. 


Connect: Connectivity begins with Nomadix Networks, its comprehensive portfolio of internet gateways, wireless access points, WLAN controllers and LAN switches. Personalized connectivity is also provided through the Hotel Portal and Passpoint solutions.


Internet Gateways: Enable hotels to onboard customers to the guest network in the most secure, reliable way possible. Nomadix is recognized for its performance and bandwidth management – a standard over the past 25 years. Additionally, the gateways offer a powerful set of modular features that can be tailored to specific property needs, creating one of the broadest and highest performing visitor networks available. 


Wi-Fi 6 Access Points: A straightforward, optimized range of access points deliver carrier-grade performance, security and management across an entire property, including outdoor areas, common spaces and individual rooms.  


WLAN Controllers and LAN Switches: Wireless LAN controllers and LAN fiber aggregation and access switches with controllers are available as either cloud or on-premise solutions, and LAN access switches available in 24 and 48 ports, with power over ethernet (PoE+) support. 


Passpoint: Safe, seamless and continuous connected experience for guests. They authenticate via a profile on their devices once and then stay connected anywhere across the property and affiliated properties – every time they visit. 


Hotel Portal: Designed specifically for hospitality, the solution offers a multilingual, brandable interface for onboarding guests to the hotel’s internet and the ability to manage and configure a property’s gateways.



Nomadix Cloud: Gives owners of one property or thousands, brands and managed service providers greater control and visibility over their network capabilities, Nomadix products and performance at scale. 

Alerts: Nomadix's innovative 2-in-1 solution is designed for both workplace safety and Wi-Fi analysis. It features a panic button with real-time location updates and fall detection and can measure Wi-Fi quality to detect potential issues. 



Cloud Telephony: Nomadix's full-featured Cloud Telephony solution is designed to meet the specific needs of hotels, available through a disruptive per-property price model. It is compatible with various SIP phones and integrates with most PMS offerings.  

Angie by Nomadix: A multilingual, in-room digital concierge offers intuitive voice and touch-screen interactions and frees up staff to focus on providing high-value services. Hotels define questions and responses and can provide upsell and advertising opportunities.

Casting: Guests can cast their favorite shows and video content, just as they would at home. Hotels with a Nomadix Gateway integrated with a PMS benefit from automatic pairing of guests’ devices to the in-room TV, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Nomadix is your single-source supplier for all your personalized connectivity and digital engagement needs. For more information, visit Nomadix.com.

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