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Vendor Updates


2020 Fall

Nonius has seen consistent growth over the last 15 years and has achieved an installed base of 320,000 guest rooms. However, the world has changed due to COVID-19 and the most common question that CEO Antonio Silva is now asked is, “What is Nonius doing to face the crisis?” This is the response:

A History of Resiliency – In 2011 Nonius weathered the storm of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. The company shrank initially; but grew 65% the following year and subsequently in excess of 25% annually through to 2019. Nonius faces COVID-19  in a stronger position today than in 2011.

Long-lasting Customer Relationships – Nonius has a 98% customer retention rate and a reputation for going the extra mile. Relationships and Nonius’ commitment were proven this Spring when the majority of customers closed their hotels. Nonius remained fully operational to support clients and was flexible with hotel partners to agree commercial arrangements to support them through this challenging time.

Extensive Solutions Portfolio – Nonius partnered hoteliers to accelerate development of the hotel app and mobile solutions, including mobile check-in/out and mobile key, to support the safer guest journey; indeed, acquiring new clients for these solutions. Development of our other solutions has continued: guest Internet, network management, TV, digital signage, voice, marketing tools. In the midst of the pandemic, Nonius even won the HTNG Techovation 2020 award for its seamless CAST solution. Nonius has integrations with more than 100 hospitality technology vendors.

High Regional Diversity and coverage – Nonius has a diverse customer base, presence in more than 80 countries through 11 Nonius offices and a partner network, and presence in other industry verticals, including healthcare, is beneficial.

Own Technology, Innovation and Agility – Nonius differentiates itself by building its own solutions and tailoring them for its clients. This was key to be able to build a highly competitive offer for the contactless safer guest journey. 

Very Efficient Team and Highly Competitive – An install base of 320,000 rooms with 110 employees is an outstanding ratio for a company that builds and supports the solutions in-house. It is key to competitiveness and the result of constant investment in the robustness of the solutions and processes (ISO9001 accredited).

Robust Financials, Flexibility and Fast Decision Making – Nonius’ proven track record has allowed it to have a healthy cash position and a low cost of capital. The simple ownership structure and a team culture that embraces change has allowed quick implementation of the plan to respond to this crisis. 

In summary, Nonius is partnering with its clients to navigate through these tough times, which will pass, and looks forward to when both can benefit again from the growth that has blessed this sector in the past.

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