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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2013 Spring
Columbia, MD

MICROS continues to dedicate its efforts to develop new and innovative technologies that empower the restaurant enterprise. MICROS is redefining restaurant management by partnering with Qubop Inc. to develop a new mobile application called inMotion. MICROS inMotion provides executives quick and easy access to real-time operational analytics on their mobile phones while on the go. Access to single and multiproperty KPIs allow executives to make time-efficient decisions based upon factors such as profits, costs, labor and inventory.

By extending restaurant technology beyond the point of sale, MICROS’ solutions add convenience for guests and employees and put executives in control. MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client provides an extension to MICROS POS with in-store mobile ordering for restaurant staff on the Apple® iPad®. With the MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client, restaurants can greet guests, increase speed of service, reduce order inaccuracies, increase table turns and enhance the upselling process.

The rapid growth of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, and others) along with continued growth of Internet use in general, provide customers with a platform which can be used to interact with hospitality organizations and control their own experiences. MICROS eCommerce and Guest Engagement technologies focus on enhancing online presence using restaurant websites to allow customers to order food and make reservations online using the fully integrated MICROS webOrdering and MICROS myreservations solutions.

MICROS mymenu is an interactive restaurant menu and marketing portal built for the iPad and designed to enhance the restaurant dining experience. mymenu transforms the menu item selection and ordering process into a memorable and educational experience for the guest, while providing the business with an opportunity to showcase upcoming events, programs, food and beverage menus and featured items. mymenu enables dynamic upselling and cross-selling across menus and categories, allows guests to interact with rich digital content, and facilitates tabletop ordering and payment processing.

MICROS and its seamless integration, sales and marketing partnership with ATX Innovations, Inc. TabbedOut offers a secure and innovative way for customers to open, review and pay bar or restaurant tabs using a smartphone. The partnership allows restaurant and bar merchants to deploy TabbedOut’s software quickly and easily through their existing MICROS POS software without any additional hardware requirements. MICROS will sell, install and maintain the TabbedOut application, making the process of adding consumer mobile payment processing easy and fast, without any downtime to the merchant’s system.

Digital signage offers the opportunity to more dynamically alter in-store promotions in order to increase sales and potentially decrease waste. Price promotions can be tested and quickly implemented or discarded depending on success metrics that are made available through direct integration with the POS system and reporting/analytics. The fully integrated Digital Menu and Marketing Board feature of MICROS RES and Simphony point-of-sale (POS) systems displays menus while simultaneously drawing customers’ attention to other relevant information, like current restaurant promotions or other promotions offered on property.
For more information about MICROS’s latest product releases, please visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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