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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2013 Summer
Columbia, MD

MICROS is changing the way the world looks at hospitality by focusing on streamlining business through its leading mobile technology. MICROS’s recent release of mWS, a state-of-the-art tablet workstation, provides users the first of its kind - a sleek, durable and robust point-of-service tablet workstation. The MICROS mWS offers the hospitality and retail industries a revolutionary combination of versatility, resiliency, mobility and elegance that stands unparalleled.  

MICROS innovation leads the way with its native mobile app, inMotion. Found in the Apple App Store, users are minutes from using the mobile companion to mymicros.net that redefines restaurant management. inMotion provides real-time, actionable alerts, allowing restaurant operators to evaluate performance, measure success against forecast and make better, faster decisions.

Bringing seamless integration of commerce to the forefront, MICROS presents MICROS Commerce Platform (MCP). MICROS Commerce Platform (MCP) is a single commerce engine that seamlessly connects all consumer touchpoints, marking the first time that local, content and e-commerce systems have fully integrated in the hospitality space. Designed with intelligence, Web, tablet and mobile experiences allow users to simplify and streamline the online shopping and ordering process. MCP flawlessly connects MICROS’ POS systems and PMSs under a single umbrella. Centralized CRM facilitates marketing engagement and fosters customer loyalty. MCP’s rich APIs expose core business services to the outside world to simplify integration tasks and open the ecosystem to third parties. With MICROS Commerce Platform, it’s just commerce. 

The rapid growth of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, and others) along with continued growth of Internet use in general, provides customers with a platform which can be used to interact with hospitality organizations and control their own experiences. MICROS and guest engagement technologies focus on enhancing online presence using restaurant websites to allow customers to order food and make reservations online using the fully integrated MICROS webOrdering and MICROS myreservations solutions.

MICROS and its seamless integration, sales and marketing partnership with ATX Innovations, Inc. TabbedOut offers a secure and innovative way for customers to open, review and pay bar or restaurant tabs using a smartphone. The partnership allows restaurant and bar merchants to deploy TabbedOut’s software quickly and easily through their existing MICROS POS software without any additional hardware requirements. MICROS will sell, install and maintain the TabbedOut application, making the process of adding consumer mobile payment processing easy and fast, without any downtime to the merchant’s system.

For more information about MICROS’ latest product releases, please visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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