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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2013 Fall
Columbia, MD

MICROS brings the food and beverage industry solutions that extend business opportunities beyond four walls. This edition goes into more detail on MICROS mStation and mTablet, MICROS inMotion and MICROS Commerce Platform (MCP). These solutions are at the forefront of food and beverage industry implementation to improve productivity, create additional revenue generation opportunities and deliver top-notch service to guests.

The opportunities available to the food and beverage industry with the release of the MICROS mStation and mTablet are endless. A powerfully integrated solution, the mStation with removable mTablet, work in sync when together or the mTablet can operate on its own in a mobile fashion, delivering the ultimate flexibility and ease of use. Unlike consumer tablet devices, the mStation and mTablet are built for industry standards; highly rugged and spill resistant. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible hardware devices provide expansive hardware connectivity, which protects investments in new or existing peripherals and network infrastructure. 

MICROS mTablet users say, “Our staff is so much more efficient and guests love that credit card processing never leaves their eyesight.”

More information on the mStation and mTablet can be found at http://mstation.micros.com.  

MICROS’s native mobile app inMotion provides real-time, actionable alerts, allowing restaurant operators to evaluate performance, measure success against forecast, and make better, faster decisions. Rated 4.5 out of five stars in the Apple® App Store, inMotion allows real-time access to performance statistics, critical labor details to help control costs, and customer service tools, all supported by an intuitive user design and alerting mechanism on critical metrics. Access reports from virtually anywhere. 

MICROS inMotion users brag, “It is the best sales trending tool available today. Now I can keep tabs on my stores from the golf course.”

More information on MICROS inMotion can be found at http://www.micros.com/Solutions/ProductsAM/MICROSinMotion/.  

MICROS Commerce Platform (MCP) is a single commerce engine that seamlessly connects all consumer touch points, marking the first time that local, content and e-commerce systems have fully integrated in the hospitality space. MCP integrates a POS system with professionally designed Web, mobile and tablet sites that include ordering, payment processing, promotions, online reservations and more. MCP can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing website, or configured as the food and beverage operation’s online presence with or without online ordering and reservations services. As an added benefit, MCP fully integrates with MICROS POS, dramatically simplifying the order processing work flow.

MCP users say, “Now our POS talks to our Web and mobile sites, offers central data management, and affords the ability to take orders from anywhere, all from a single platform.”

More information on MCP can be found at http://mcp.micros.com. For more information about MICROS’s latest product releases, please visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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