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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2006 Fall
Columbia, MD

9700 HMS is a suite of enterprise products designed to bring efficiency and innovation to your business. The technology independent, modular design supports multiple operating systems and database solutions, and allows you to choose the right combination of functionality to meet your business needs and leverage your current technology investments.  9700 HMS supports a wide range of client platforms, including the MICROS Workstation4, PC Workstation 2010 and Keyboard Workstation4, each designed to reduce your capital investment and management costs.

RFID devices can be utilized to capture payment from RFID-enabled credit cards and wristbands, and can be used with the MICROS integrated Stored Value and Loyalty solution. Signature capture is offered on a variety of mobile and fixed devices, eliminating large amounts of customer receipt storage and tracking. 

9700 Transaction Services powers customer-facing applications, allowing your guests to place orders from kiosks and in-room solutions such as IP phones and video entertainment systems. The MICROS Kitchen Display System enables kitchen efficiency and improved operations through graphical displays and operational reporting that allow you to reduce ticket time and pinpoint production problem areas. Additional modules such as reservations and table management, Web reporting and inventory modules complete the 9700 HMS enterprise suite, one of the most widely used and feature-rich leisure and entertainment solution available today.

Introducing RES.NET
MICROS RES.NET serves up success through a complete suite of integrated solutions for every level of your business. A bold combination of point of sale, kitchen management and restaurant back office applications, RES.NET produces reports on labor, inventory and finances, while alerting staff and management on eventualities that may occur in your establishment.
•  Point of Sale: 3700 TSR, 3700 QSR
•  Enterprise Office: Labor management, product management, financial management 
•  Guest Experience: iCare, Guest Connection, kiosk
• Restaurant Operations Solutions: Alert Manager, Kitchen, Display System, Guest Services Solution
• Hardware: PCWS 2010, WS4 (Workstation 4), Mobile MICROS

Pay-at-the-Table Solution
Verifone’s Vx670 pay-at-the-table device helps restaurant operators increase their revenue, security and efficiency. With the integration to MICROS RES.NET, customers have full control of the payment process at the table.  Whether you use cash, credit, debit or a gift card; the card never leaves the guest’s hand, in turn, reducing security risks.  This new partnership will reduce wait times, increase table turns and provide an added level of convenience to your customers.

Alert Manager
MICROS Alert Manager is a powerful module that provides the appropriate personnel immediate visibility on conditions that are not in compliance with the operational standards of the business. Alert Manager monitors conditions in the MICROS RES.NET database and on the RES.NET server, and compares those conditions with a configurable operational threshold.  When the condition is beyond the threshold, the system sends an alert to a pager, cell phone or e-mail.

Visa CISP Compliant
MICROS is pleased to announce that 9700 HMS v3.0, RES.NET 4.0, and MICROS e7 v2.1 are now certified by Visa’s Payment Application Best Practices for Visa CISP compliance.

For more information please call (443) 285-6000 or visit www.micros.com.


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