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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2017 Spring
Columbia, MD

The food and beverage team at Oracle Hospitality continues to invest in developing innovative cloud technology to help F&B operators enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.

In October 2016, Oracle Hospitality announced the launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9, featuring enhancements designed to set new benchmarks in kitchen performance, cash management and event-driven financial reporting.

In its most advanced iteration yet, Simphony Cloud – recognized worldwide as an enterprise cloud technology platform for the hospitality industry – also offers new functionality for stadiums and venues, enabling them to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology.

Simphony 2.9’s new features provide Oracle Hospitality customers with even greater capabilities for improving efficiency and revenues:

Improved Kitchen Management for Revenue Growth
As kitchen efficiency becomes an ever more critical part of any food and beverage operation – online and mobile ordering offer new revenue opportunities, but only if operators can manage the incremental orders efficiently – Simphony 2.9 delivers even greater kitchen control capabilities, with features including:

  • Improve food quality and freshness by using cook times configured for individual elements of a menu item
  • Assign priority to orders – and notify prep cooks of status changes – to ensure production is conducted in the correct sequence
  • Remotely view and execute tasks such as bump, review and recall orders on another KDS client
  • View summary of all items by their preparation status to evaluate kitchen performance in real time
  • Improve efficiency by sending an order to multiple prep stations; once action begins on it, the order is automatically removed from remaining stations to prevent duplication

Enterprise Cash Management for Maximum Profitability
Several enhancements in cash management include the addition of an engagement hub widget. Instead of running reports, users can engage the hub to quickly view cash amounts for each receptacle (i.e., till, server bank, deposit, safe or petty).

Events Management for Stadiums and Venues
Simphony 2.9 is also accelerating the cloud revolution in stadiums by providing a whole suite of functionality aimed at large venues. Event management allows for tracking of revenue and sales by specific events rather than the conventional means of using business dates, resulting in unprecedented comparative analysis. For example, operators can evaluate performances of catering functions – or any other event with a specific start and end – in a direct, head-to-head fashion. In addition, Events Management facilitates proper allocation of an event’s financial results.

Discover more about Oracle Hospitality’s new products and offerings by visiting www.oracle.com/hospitality or calling (866) 287-4736.

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