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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2007 Fall
Columbia, MD

Introducing Simphony®
Simphony® is one of the first enterprise-enabled, service-oriented solutions offered to the leisure and entertainment market. Built using a modern, flexible architecture and a services-oriented design, Simphony provides superior scalability and integration capabilities.
The service orientation of the product means it closely reflects the processes and flow of the business, fully supporting diverse deployment and operational requirements that match individual customer needs. Simphony is not an enterprise system or a locally hosted application. It is a service-based business solution that may be deployed in a manner that best fits the needs of the business. Simphony users may choose to centrally host an entire enterprise or deploy the complete application to a single location.

Simphony’s design also allows the product to be deployed across a number of physical servers in a scale-out configuration, which allows additional servers to be added to a configuration as the business grows, instead of replacing existing servers with larger, more expensive hardware. The complete set of Simphony scalability and resiliency features make it one of the most robust and technology failure tolerant solutions on the planet.

Introducing MICROS W4 LX and MICROS WS5
Built on the success of the revolutionary MICROS WS4, the WS4 LX is a client hardware device that has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), simpler support model and improved reliability, while still being functionally superior to current PC-based clients at a much lower cost. While outwardly almost identical to the Workstation 4, the WS4 LX is a complete technology refresh, offering vastly improved performance and functionality.

MICROS WS5 is the big brother to the WS4 LX.  WS5 offers very similar performance characteristics to the WS4 LX, but features a new form factor with a 15-inch LCD and integrated biometrics. The WS5, with its increased performance, enhanced platform options and flexible installation options, is ideal for locations that can benefit from the larger screen size, like bars or quick service operations.

myinventory is a robust enterprise inventory application for managing inventories at either a single property or multiple outlets. Key features include inventory management, preparation and production, ordering and receiving, transfers and waste, recipe management and reporting and financial integration.

mylabor is a robust enterprise labor application for human resource management at either a single property or multiple outlets.  Key features include human resource management, employee self service, enterprise time and attendance, forecasting, staffing requirements and labor scheduling.

Integrated Digital Menu Boards
MICROS RES 4.0 now offers an integrated digital menu board feature.  With the digital menu board, menu items and prices can be updated in real time, perfect for locations that offer different menu items during the day.  This feature is included in RES 4.0 and does not require an additional software purchase. 

Visa CISP Compliant
MICROS is pleased to announce that Simphony® v1.0, 9700 HMS v3.0+, RES 3.2 with Transaction Vault, RES 4.0+ and MICROS e7 v2.11+ are now certified by Visa’s Payment Application Best Practices for Visa CISP compliance.

For more information please call (866) 287-4736 or visit www.micros.com.

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