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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2009 Spring
Columbia, MD

Introducing MICROS myCentral
MICROS’s myCentral is ideal for any type of hospitality organization that wishes to provide order flexibility to its customers and clients.  myCentral allows customers to pre-order a sit-down meal for a specific time, or place an order for pick-up or delivery.  The myCentral Web edition can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing Web site. Once placed, the order is automatically transmitted to the selected restaurant via e-mail or fax, or can be sent directly to the in-store MICROS point-of-sale system. 

Integrated Digital Menu Boards
MICROS RES now offers a fully embedded digital menu board feature.  With the digital menu board, menu items and prices can be updated real-time, perfect for locations that offer different menu items during the day.  This feature is included in RES 4.3 and does not require an additional software purchase. 

Integrated Table Management
MICROS RES Table Management is simple, easy-to-use software that seamlessly integrates customer preferences, seating capacity, and available staff, while effortlessly managing the customer’s dining experience. When combined with GSS or iCare, a total restaurant solution is now at your fingertips.  Capturing time-sensitive guest demands, RES Table Management puts you in complete control from the moment the guest is greeted until the next diner is seated.

Simphony is the first enterprise-enabled, point-of-sale (POS) solution built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).  Simphony’s modern, flexible architecture provides never before seen scalability, resilience and integration capabilities.

A Simphony installation can scale from a single location with a handful of workstations to a multiproperty enterprise with thousands of workstations. The solution may be self-hosted or in one of MICROS’ four global datacenters, which provides customers with flexible deployment options to meet their technical capabilities.  There is no requirement to deploy anything more than workstations at the property level, eliminating the need to purchase additional server hardware for the properties.

The SOA design of the product allows for mission critical services like credit cards, property management interfaces, and gift cards to be deployed at the property.  This feature allows SimphonyTM to be configured in a way that reflects the processes and flow of the business and ensures uninterrupted front of the house operations in the event of datacenter communication interruption.

Simphony’s scalability, architecture, and robust operations position it as a leader in the next generation of POS solutions.

myinventory is an robust enterprise inventory application for managing inventories at either a single property or multiple outlets. Key features include inventory management, prep and production, ordering and receiving, transfers and waste, recipe management, and reporting and financial integration.

mylabor is an robust enterprise labor application for human resource management at either a single property or multiple outlets.  Key features include human resource management, payroll preprocessing, employee self service, enterprise time and attendance, forecasting, staffing requirements, and labor scheduling.

Visa CISP Compliant
Visit www.micros.com to view all of the MICROS product versions currently certified by Visa’s Payment Application Best Practices for Visa CISP compliance.

For more information please call (866) 287-4736 or visit www.micros.com.

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