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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2017 Fall
Columbia, MD

The food and beverage team at Oracle Hospitality continues to invest in developing innovative cloud technology to help food and beverage operators enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.
Oracle MICROS 700 Series Tablet
March 2017 also saw the launch of Oracle’s new rugged, mobile point-of-sale platform designed specifically for the hospitality and retail market.
The Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series combines the versatility of mobile devices with rugged features and extended battery life to meet the taxing conditions found in food and beverage environments. The 7-inch, LED-backlit touch display with a “hot-swappable,” 8-hour battery provides ultimate high availability and ease of use. The 700 series is supported by two gang charger options and a convenient desktop mount. It increases staff efficiency, improves one-on-one guest engagement, and accelerates speed of service for more table turns.
Data Science Cloud Service
Oracle Hospitality Data Science Cloud Services allows its food and beverage customers to take advantage of the latest machine learning technologies and analyst expertise to delve into their data and find insights that lead directly to sales uplift and cost reduction. These services include: Data Science for Menu Recommendations to help increase sales with cross and up-sell activities; and Data Science for Adaptive Forecasts, which helps reduce waste and overstaffing with automated planning.
Oracle’s Data Science Cloud Service illustrates the benefit of bringing previously unattainable Oracle technology to the hospitality market.
Reporting and Analytics 9.0
With the launch of Reporting and Analytics 9.0, Oracle Hospitality food and beverage customers have access to a greatly enhanced solution for using data to identify revenue-generation and cost-saving opportunities.
Used by more than 50,000 restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, stadiums, theme parks and other hospitality operations around the world, the Reporting and Analytics solution, which is included with Oracle Hospitality’s Simphony Cloud POS platform, provides managers with insight to sales, revenues and other key performance indicators.
This latest release of Reporting and Analytics brings integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) – Oracle’s high-performance analytics engine. Thanks to OBIEE, users of Reporting and Analytics now have access to greater visual representation of data to help them spot trends and patterns, leading to increased sales and reduced costs. This release allows hospitality operators to leverage Oracle technology with no extra cost.
Discover more about Oracle Hospitality’s new products by visiting www.oracle.com/hospitality or calling (866) 287-4736.

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