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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

2018 Fall
Columbia, MD

In June 1, Oracle announced the creation of a new business unit, Oracle Food and Beverage, that is dedicated to serving the food service industry.  Through strengthening investment in this dynamic industry, Oracle Food and Beverage will give its customers even greater focus and additional resources to help them develop their businesses and take advantage of new technology opportunities at an exciting time for the sector.
Oracle MICROS 310 and 310R
The Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 and 310R are rugged, portable, point-of-sale devices designed and built for the hospitality market. A perfect choice for limited menu efficiency, these all-in-one units are not only portable with a small 10-inch footprint but are extremely durable. The devices are packed with features such as integrated LAN connectivity, magnetic stripe reader and customer-facing display. The 310 and 310R are built to increase productivity and enhance operations for the best price performance.
Digital Transaction API: New Research Report 
Oracle’s Simphony Cloud POS platform now offers a digital transaction API to allow customers and third parties to extend and augment their solutions as easily as possible.
Oracle’s most recent report, released in July, looks at how restaurant operators can find value in extending their POS with mobile guest-facing apps. In the study Get Appy: Do Consumers Use Restaurant and Hotel Branded Apps, Oracle asked a total of 15,000 consumers in 15 countries about their use of branded restaurant or hotel apps and found that a quarter of global consumers have at least one restaurant or hotel brand app on their phones, and that 70 percent of consumers that have at least one restaurant or hotel branded app use those apps every single week. Mobile apps allow operators to engage with guests for loyalty, payment, marketing and more, and therefore represent a great opportunity, made possible through simplified integration. To read the report, please visit https://go.oracle.com/LP=69527?elqCampaignId=145244
Oracle Payment Integration Program
Oracle Food and Beverage has created the Oracle Payment Integration Program. Payment partners are able to build an interface that interacts with our published payment API, which can be found at https://docs.oracle.com/en/industries/hospitality/.
Discover more about Oracle Food and Beverage’s products by visiting www.oracle.com/food-beverage.


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