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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2005 Summer
Columbia, MD

The OPERA Enterprise Solution includes a complete array of features for reservations handling, property management, sales and catering, quality service assurance, point of sale and financials. OPERA products reach out globally with ORS, the OPERA central reservations system and OCIS, the OPERA central customer information system.
The latest release of the OPERA enterprise suite includes enhancements to key areas of the product, plus the first release of the new OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS) for condo unit management.

OPERA Sales and Catering offers complete group and event management features in either standalone mode or integrated with the OPERA enterprise suite. A streamlined sales manager dashboard has been added to give sales personnel a concise overview of account details including bookings and associated catering events, account productivity statistics and sales goals. The dashboard includes an interactive calendar and a display of scheduled activities and things to do. Sales managers can use this screen as “command central” for creating and updating bookings, managing activities and events, and accessing account and contact details.

OPERA PMS provides a fully configurable set of property management features that include integrated reservations, housekeeping, cashiering, commissions, quality management, Palm and kiosk modules. The recent OPERA release provides enhancements to the Comp Accounting module, a set of features for tracking and controlling the costs of guest comp programs at casinos and gaming resorts. The billing summary screen gives a side-by-side comparison of charged and complimentary components of the guest’s bill. The routing limits feature monitors comp awards and automatically splits overages onto a separate folio for guest payment.

OVOS, the OPERA Vacation Ownership System, offers specialized features for mixed-use properties that handle both condo units and hotel rooms. As part of the OPERA enterprise family, OVOS includes OPERA’s full complement of PMS features, plus vacation rental options such as contract-driven reservation management, automatic inventory rotation, on-demand and scheduled financial statements, recurring charges billing and confidential owner access to unit information via the Web.

Contract terms are the driving force for the system and can be configured individually for each vacation unit. Sales staff can negotiate different terms for each owner. OPERA then takes those contract rules and implements them throughout the ownership system. Each contract can specify recurring fees and per-reservation charges. The housekeeping schedule, also defined by the contract, is completely integrated with OPERA’s Facility Management and Housekeeping functionality.

A dashboard screen guides the reservation agent through an easy reservation flow for owner reservations, unit rentals and hotel room bookings. No knowledge of contract terms is needed because the system handles all the details in the background.

For fairness in making rental unit assignments, a rotation formula is built into the reservation booking process. The formula takes into account factors such as when the unit was last rented, the owner’s revenue goals and the value of the unit. At the time of room assignment, the rotation values allow agents to equitably select the appropriate rental units.

OPERA Kiosk allows guests to make specific changes to their reservations, check in or out of the hotel, as well as check in to specific airlines and print boarding passes on the spot.

For more information about MICROS-Fidelio please visit www.micros.com or call (443) 285-6000.


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