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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2014 Spring
Columbia, MD

MICROS Systems’ fully integrated enterprise solutions are leading the way with features and components that address the most in-demand technology trends in the industry. This popular suite of hospitality software applications provides solutions to the growing list of challenges hoteliers encounter, while unlocking unrealized business potential. MICROS continues to focus its development efforts on streamlining business through its leading mobile technology, empowering the hotel industry with new and innovative solutions such as MICROS OPERA Mobile and recently announced collaboration with Microsoft, Dell and Intel to offer an innovative MICROS mobile experience that provides a new set of visually stimulating app experiences and advanced capabilities that will significantly raise the bar on the guest experience.

MICROS OPERA Mobile is a wireless extension of key hotel operations, moving from the front desk workstation to mobile devices. It features a rich functionality and a user interface designed for a broader spectrum of smartphones and devices. With a wireless connection to the Internet, OPERA Mobile can be accessed from any mobile device, making it possible for hotel staff to check in and check out guests, manage guestrooms, and organize housekeeping activities and prioritize tasks considering occupancy, arrival and departure factors.
The newest additions to the MICROS OPERA Mobile application expand its front desk and housekeeping/maintenance functionality to OPERA Track It and Post It features. Track It provides the ability to track and manage packages, luggage and valet items all from a mobile device. With OPERA Post It, users can post one or multiple items at a time to a guestroom, or collect payment at the time of charge. Refunds and reverse postings can also be performed, and receipts can be printed. Articles that are posted to a guestroom will appear on the billing for that room. OPERA Post It is also accessible on a smartphone or touch device, giving room or passerby charging abilities using a tablet or pocket-sized device.

In January, MICROS publicly announced a collaboration with Microsoft, Dell and Intel to reimagine the mobile experience for employees and guests alike. Taking advantage of recent trends in technology, MICROS has introduced an ultra-modern mobile solution that blends the best of a rich user experience, lower cost tablet devices with extended battery life, and all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by MICROS software. MICROS OPERA will run on a Dell tablet that incorporates the Intel Atom processor, powered by Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry. Customized for the hospitality industry, this tablet solution mobilizes staff members so they can assist guests on the go and respond quickly to requests. The tablet can also be docked for use with cash drawers, scanners or scales. Managers can access business data such as labor costs, sales performance and trends, inventory or even security camera feeds or other location-specific information. MICROS is targeting summer 2014 for product/solution availability.

For more information about MICROS’s latest product releases, please visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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