Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2014 Fall
Columbia, MD

The latest iteration of OPERA, MICROS Systems’ fully integrated enterprise solution, includes new features and components that significantly expand the dimensions of this popular suite of hospitality software applications.

The MICROS OPERA 9 application continues to improve the guest and associate experience, lowering the environmental footprint, and at the same time introducing a collage of new feature-rich functionality. Advances include the introduction of Centralized End of Day Procedures, an innovative dashboard which allows a single user the ability to manage and monitor concurrent end-of-day processes across the enterprise. Real-time processing embraces time zone compliance, allowing for zero downtime and activity monitoring across both the property and the estate. This module offers the ability to advance the business date while leaving prior dates open to accommodate an income audit financial reconciliation, effectively lowering the financial and accounting competency requirements. Augmenting this offering are myriad batch processes such as registration cards, deposits, authorizations, settlements and folios, which have been enhanced to depart from the traditional norms, providing eco-friendly options by introducing digital media distribution.

MICROS OPERA 9 leverages new technologies to smoothly transition MICROS’s proven OPERA enterprise solutions to an intuitive, uncomplicated and customizable Web-like user interface, with application components that are reusable and flexible. Designed around concepts such as work flows and roles provides focus on the needs of the particular tasks assigned, and is practical and natural for the user. MICROS OPERA 9 operates fluently across popular browsers, with extended support for iPad®, smartphones and other wireless devices.

For more information about MICROS’s latest product releases, please visit or call (866) 287-4736.

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