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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2007 Spring
Columbia, MD

MICROS Acquires RedSky IT
MICROS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the hospitality-travel and retail subsidiaries of RedSky IT, one of the United Kingdom’s premier IT application software developers. RedSky IT hospitality-travel software is a single source for the delivery of a comprehensive portfolio of integrated, highly functional hotel PMS software solutions targeted toward the limited-service, independent and economy hotel markets.  (See the RedSky IT listing for more information.)

OPERA Enterprise Solution
OPERA V4.0, the newest product release for MICROS-Fidelio, includes special features and enhancements in nearly every functional area of the suite including property management, sales and catering, central reservations and customer information, channel management and interfaces.

OPERA reaches out globally with ORS, the OPERA central reservations system, and OCIS, the OPERA central customer information system. New to the ORS sales screen is the display of guest membership awards information, enabling on-the-spot review and redemption. In addition, best available rates by day for the arrival date and room type can be returned by an availability search and can be integrated into yield management processing. Among other V4.0 offerings, new ORS Campaign Management tools let companies selectively target profiles and contacts in the ORS/OCIS database.

The OCIS profile match and merge feature has been extended to include contact profiles as well as individual profiles. And, with newly introduced profile distribution features, changes and updates to groups of profiles can now be managed conveniently from one screen. Also with V4.0, revenue generated through passer-by transactions at hotel outlets can be manually entered into stay and membership records, while a new background processor attaches orphaned stay records to profiles.

OPERA PMS has taken a giant leap forward with V4.0. The new item tracking module keeps tabs on luggage, parcels and lost and found items; its valet features help manage vehicle services. Single sign-on lets properties log in once and work with any of the OPERA applications licensed at their properties without logging in again. Other time-saving features include global alerts that allow them to configure alert notifications so that they automatically appear on-screen depending upon any of a host of user-defined conditions. Also included in the new release are pre- and post-stay charging, AR finance charges, scheduled checkouts and package allowance sharing.

OPERA Sales & Catering offers complete group and event management features in either stand-alone mode or integrated with the OPERA Enterprise suite.  Included in V4.0 are new shoulder date and sell limit handling options for group bookings. Other time-saving features introduced with V4.0 include resource item templates and hierarchical resource item discounting, function-space utilization reporting, a separate catering currency, and new group rooms control features. SFA, the sales force automation application that can be integrated with OPERA S&C, OPERA PMS, and the OPERA central systems, debuts additional features specifically for managing tour series leads.

OVOS, the new OPERA Vacation Ownership System, provides specialized functionality for mixed-use properties that handle both condo units and hotel rooms. As part of the OPERA enterprise family, OVOS includes OPERA’s full complement of PMS features, plus vacation rental options such as contract-driven reservation management, automatic inventory rotation, on-demand and scheduled financial statements, recurring charges billing and confidential owner access to unit information via the Web.

The OPERA suite is enhanced and supported by the OPERA Electronic Distribution Systems, which include channel management features for GDS, ADS and Web channels; OPERA Interfaces, XML and Web-based software which provides integration between OPERA and phone, POS, and other hotel systems; and the OPERA Xchange Interface (OXI), which provides a link between third-party software and OPERA applications.

For more information about MICROS-Fidelio please visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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