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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2005 Spring
Columbia, MD

The latest release of MICROS-Fidelio’s OPERA includes enhancements to key areas of the product suite that add new flexibility and ease of use. The OPERA Enterprise Solution includes a complete array of features for property management, sales and catering and financials management. OPERA Comp Accounting adds specially designed options for the casino and gaming industry. OPERA products reach out globally with ORS, the OPERA central reservations system and OCIS, the OPERA central customer information system.
OPERA PMS provides a fully configurable set of property management features that include integrated reservations, housekeeping, cashier, commissions, quality management, and palm and kiosk modules. New PMS features provide additional capabilities to meet the real world needs of the hospitality industry.

  • The OPERA queue rooms feature lets you handle room backlogs equitably and expeditiously.
  • The new routing limits feature builds on OPERA’s automatic transaction routing capability to set a ceiling on the monetary value of the charges that may be routed by a routing instruction.
  • Address cleansing capabilities for postal addresses stored in the OPERA profile database.

OPERA Sales and Catering offers complete group and event management features in either standalone mode or in the OPERA enterprise context.

  • The quick event feature allows users to set up accounts, contacts, bookings and events from a single easy to navigate screen.
  • The new alternate space option identifies plan B function spaces to be used in the event of bad weather for outdoor events.

OPERA OCIS is at the heart of client information management for centralized hospitality systems, including OPERA’s ORS central reservations system. The new OCIS memberships stay verification option is a smart feature that identifies back-to-back stays and multiple room stays, which may not be qualified to earn points.
OPERA ORS integrates with the OPERA family of products to manage reservations operations for any number of properties and chains. ORS interfaces with all major global reservations distribution systems and its own Web-based reservation application. Dynamic best available rates help organizations manage their selling rates with increased precision and efficiency.

OPERA Sales Force Automation works in concert with ORS to provide hospitality sales tools to the enterprise.

  • SFA’s lead distribution and tracking capabilities now include automatic prospective lead bookings at the receiving hotel. OPERA PMS properties can receive leads from the central system without having to install a sales and catering system.
  • FIT Contract feature lets SFA users quickly create and distribute contract bookings to participating hotels according to yearly corporate rate agreements.
  • Marketing campaign management support and mailing list import allows users to employ third-party mailing lists to create target databases.
    With a follow up release expected in summer 2005, OPERA will enter the vacation property management arena. OVOS, the OPERA Vacation Ownership System, offers specialized features for mixed use properties that handle both condo units and hotel rooms. As part of the OPERA enterprise family, OVOS includes OPERA’s full complement of proven PMS features plus vacation rental options such as contract-driven reservation management, automatic inventory rotation, on-demand and scheduled financial statements, recurring charges billing, and confidential owner access to unit information via the Web.
  • For more information about MICROS-Fidelio solutions, please visit http://www.micros.com/ or call (443) 285-6000 or (800) 638-0985.

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