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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2009 Summer
Columbia, MD

OPERA Enterprise Solution
OPERA V5 is the latest release of MICROS Systems’ fully integrated enterprise solution, which includes new features and components that significantly expand the dimensions of this popular suite of hospitality software applications including:

The OPERA Business Intelligence suite (OBI) is the latest addition to the OPERA suite of products providing hotels with data analysis and decision support by utilizing  information collected from multiple OPERA applications and multiple properties based on your configuration. OBI is seamlessly integrated with all OPERA applications, eliminating any interface challenges provided by other solutions. OBI supplies you and your users with unlimited access to any standard or custom reports. For ease of use, templates for hundreds of other useful reports are available immediately. The OBI system can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by other BI systems in the industry today with instant retrieval of your data.

Also new in OPERA V5, the OPERA Revenue Management System (ORMS) is an entirely integrated yield management component for OPERA PMS and the OPERA Reservation System (ORS). ORMS provides modeling, forecasting and revenue optimization. A user friendly console panel provides revenue and reservation managers quick and easy set up conditions to manage their modeling, forecasting and revenue optimization. ORMS draws forecast metrics from OPERA’s complete statistical database. Integration between ORMS and OPERA enables real-time forecasting based on reservation activity including any adjustments to the hurdles.

OPERA’s Central Reservations System (ORS) introduces GDS total pricing, a detailed breakdown of the charges (e.g., taxes, fees, surcharges) that apply to rates returned from OPERA.  GDS total pricing is just one of many new features that have been added to the ORS sales screen including virtual suite with room inventory views.

The OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS) now supplies hotels with new functionality to automate membership level upgrades and to provide enhanced availability options based on memberships. Additionally, guests may now use their membership award points to purchase frequent flyer points.

In V5, OPERA PMS (OPMS) features a new dashboard option that offers an intuitive base of operations for all guest service activities. Among many other V5 enhancements, OPMS boasts new room type upsell features to help maximize profit at checkin, the convenience of multiple AR addresses per company profile, and streamlined profile merging.  The OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS), works with OPMS to provide specialized functionality for mixed-use condo/hotel properties as well as a host of new and improved elements.

OPERA Sales & Catering (OSC) introduces the ability to manage wholesaler blocks citywide conventions and sell limits for group bookings. The OPERA Sales Force Automation System (SFA), permits hotels to bid rates on leads they receive whether they use and OPERA system or not. A central function diary supports the sharing of event and function space information between SFA, OSC and OPMS systems. SFA and OSC now offer the ability to specify alternate dates for group bookings and booking leads to assist in placing the right group in the right dates to maximize revenues.
The OPERA suite is enhanced and supported by the OPERA Electronic Distribution Systems, which includes channel management features for GDS, ADS and Web channels; OPERA Web Services (OWS), provides real-time access to all OPERA inventory, profiles and membership data to online clientele. Certified interfaces work with OPERA and your call accounting, door locking, POS and other hotel systems to reduce any data entry and increase your customer service levels.  The OPERA Xchange Interface (OXI) is available to provide a two-way XML interfaces to third-party systems for an increased level of data exchange.

For more information about MICROS-Fidelio visit www.micros.com or call (866) 287-4736.

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