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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2009 Fall
Columbia, MD

OPERA Enterprise Solution


OPERA V5 is the latest release of MICROS Systems’ fully integrated enterprise solution, which includes new features and components that significantly expand the dimensions of this popular suite of hospitality software applications. Some of the new features and components include:

MICROS recently announced OPERA’s MyStayManager which allows guests to manage their hotel reservations and travel itineraries from their mobile devices. Imagine a guest able to make reservations, receive real-time updates relevant to their stay, accessing essential travel services and information, and selecting from the unique activities and services your hotel offers – all through their mobile phone. The MyStayManager application will debut with the release of OPERA v5.0.2.01 (during or after pilot complete), and offers reservation booking, profile management, checkin and checkout, folio viewing and restaurant reservation services. MyStayManager even allows the guest to order room service directly from their PDA, into the hotel’s MICROS point-of-sale system, delivering the order straight to the kitchen or bar; future versions of OPERA will include additional feature enhancements for the application.

Through seamless integration with MICROS Guest Connection, which features flexible reservation handling throughout the customer estate and efficient table management operations, and MICROS-Fidelio’s premier activities partner, Open Course, the Resort Dashboard provides a central location for hotel agents to schedule guest activities, such as dining reservations, spa appointments, rental items and golf tee times. From a single screen, you can quickly book a reservation and schedule all activities for a guest. OPERA even provides the flexibility to schedule activities on a per person basis. This allows each activity to be reported against the individual for whom the activity was scheduled rather than linking the activities to the main profile on the reservation. This feature improves guest service by allowing sales agents to immediately identify all family members and view their past activities, which introduces valuable sales opportunities for offering additional activities and services to these repeat customers.

Texting is an easy way to send simple written messages to the recipient’s cell phone or PDA. Starting with V5.0.01.02, OPERA has drawn on the speed and directness of texting to simplify hotel operations from within several key areas, including reservation confirmation, guest messages and room queues.

In addition to the newest features, MICROS-Fidelio continues to see significant traction with it newer modules including, OPERA Business Intelligence Suite (OBI), which provides hotels with data analysis and decision support by utilizing information collected from multiple OPERA applications and multiple or single properties based on your configuration, and the OPERA Revenue Management System (ORMS), an entirely integrated yield management component for OPERA PMS and the OPERA Reservation System (ORS). ORMS provides modeling, forecasting and revenue optimization, including innovative rate shopper integration that enables call center agents or reservation clerks to view the same competitive rates the hotel guest is seeing during the reservation booking process. A user-friendly console panel provides the revenue and reservation managers to quickly and easily set up conditions and manage their forecasting and revenue optimization.

For more information about MICROS-Fidelio visit http://www.micros.com/ or call (866) 287-4736.

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