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Vendor Updates

Oracle Hospitality Hotel and Resort Solutions

2021 Summer
Columbia, MD

With open APIs allowing faster and simpler integrations with “best-of-breed” third-party providers, the latest iteration of Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Suite elevates the delivery of personalized guest experiences. With complementary solutions – Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud and OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management – and the acquisition of Nor1, Oracle Hospitality opens the doors for hoteliers to generate greater revenue and enhance service.

OPERA long has been the preferred hotel management platform for tens of thousands of hotels, from the world’s most recognizable brands to independent properties. Now, OPERA Cloud brings the same comprehensive features to a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform. It features a redesigned user interface and capabilities to extract greater customer insights. OPERA Cloud also comes equipped with Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP), which makes it simple and cost effective to integrate quickly with Oracle’s vast network of partner applications – giving hoteliers the opportunity to update, broaden and accelerate innovation initiatives.

The newest improvements to OPERA Cloud yield configurable solutions designed to more broadly serve the full-service and select-service segments. That makes it easier for hoteliers, regardless of their size or scope, to capitalize on the benefits of cloud. OPERA Cloud’s broader dimension means select-service hotels can opt for just essential property management functionality.

The Nor1 acquisition extends OPERA Cloud Suite by offering AI-powered upsells. Nor1 uses millions of data points to generate offers that each guest is most likely to find attractive and thus accept. These offers are generated in real time, across the reservation lifecycle – from booking through post-stay, including digital and in-person touch points. Nor1’s approach sets the stage for predictable, forecastable revenue, reaping the maximum possible amount while optimally balancing the house.

With the latest version of Simphony Cloud, Oracle’s point-of-sale and back-office restaurant management solution, hoteliers gain the opportunity to maximize sales and profitability of food and beverage operations. Greater mobile capabilities and improved kitchen efficiency are the keys to achieving such goals, and Simphony addresses both.

On the mobile front, Simphony can deliver faster and more accurate service by sending individual items immediately to the kitchen without interrupting the order-taking process. It also can display information, such as daily specials and upcoming events, on staff’s mobile POS devices, enabling them to better serve guests. In an age of multiple channels – including kiosks, apps, online, etc. – Simphony manages and prioritizes incoming orders from all of them. Such efficiency eliminates bottlenecks, reduces waste and ensures on-time preparation and delivery of meals.

By leveraging OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management (OSEM), hoteliers can add yet another dimension to business success. OSEM fosters collaboration among different departments to best execute sales and event management. With its mobile capabilities, OSEM allows hoteliers to go off-site on customer visits or roam properties during site inspections. Tasks such as checking inventory availability and making changes to customer bookings can be executed on the go.

OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management offers a quick and easy means to oversee customer relationships. It manages accounts, contacts, and activities and classifies accounts to effectively target volume producers. It also allows sales to exchange key information across properties for first-class customer service. The application is offered in 20 languages out of the box. Customization features enable tailoring of the user interface to meet individual needs. Standard reports can deliver a comprehensive account of business operations.

All the new Oracle Hospitality offerings capitalize on the power of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. Cloud technology accelerates innovation and reduces IT costs and complexity, while delivering higher performance, security and reliability. Discover more about Oracle Hospitality’s new products by visiting www.oracle.com/hospitality.

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