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2017 Fall
Dripping Springs, TX

For nearly 30 years, PAS has been providing back office expertise to a global client base, including top hotel brands, management companies, REITs and casinos. Its team of experts – certified hotel industry professionals, CPAs and Microsoft Gold-certified technology leaders – have worked to develop solutions for a wide range of challenges specific to hoteliers such as financial consolidation, fee calculation, audit pack capture/storage, integration and standardization.
PAS can bring a little or a lot to any hotel accounting environment. “We are currently working with several hoteliers that needed standardization across their enterprise,” said Bill Euler, president and CEO of PAS. “Our pasCLOUD solution is the answer. Offering a USALI 11th compliant global framework, pasCLOUD incorporates everything from SOPs, forms, best-in-class applications, proven reporting and analysis, all hosted and ready to go.”
One exciting evolution in hospitality business intelligence (BI) is Infor’s Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor dEPM). PAS now offers the opportunity for creating BI dashboards and tools that help hospitality organizations become more efficient. Gone are the days of multiple disparate reports spread across multiple people in multiple departments. This tool is available on mobile devices and allows users to have their dashboards and reports at their fingertips at any time. With Infor dEPM, users will have greater insight, so they can make more informed decisions across their enterprise.
PAS is also a Gold Partner of the award-winning BlackLine Financial Controls and Automation Platform. This partnership allows PAS to tailor BlackLine specifically to hospitality and transform the way hoteliers perform standardized reconciliations, track critical dates and tasks, and analyze variances. It also provides proof of certifications, review and necessary approvals required for Sarbanes-Oxley. “This product creates clear vision directly to the hotel level, so hoteliers will never have a balance sheet surprise in any hotel ever again,” Euler said. “I am excited that PAS was chosen to bring this very specialized product to hospitality.”
The pasUNITY Integration Hub (iHUB) provides PAS the unparalleled power to capture, aggregate, transform and deliver accounting data across a hotelier’s financial enterprise. pasUNITY iHUB automates the long, tedious and time-consuming processes associated with financial submissions, consolidation, audit pack delivery, internal audit and daily imports/exports. “We are able to transform month-long processes into just days, while providing greatly improved oversight and reporting,” Euler said.
With such a robust portfolio of product offerings, it’s no surprise that PAS is a leading choice for hoteliers’ back office needs.
For more information, call (301) 762-8208, ext. 262, or visit

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