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PhoneSuite’s 2018 Innovations to Improve Hotel Communications In 2019
In the hotel industry, there is a constant need to innovate. Companies that don’t offer new ways of doing things or new products typically don’t have a lot to offer their clients, so they don’t stick around too long.
Since its inception, PhoneSuite has proven itself as a full-fledged leader within the hotel industry. In 2018, PhoneSuite introduced three exciting prospects for hoteliers across the country and around the globe. Below are details on each of these innovations that will continue to be used in 2019 and beyond.
Roxy Voice-Activated Assistant
The hotel industry places a lot of attention on concierge services that allow hoteliers to improve a guest’s experience. In the past, those responsibilities were held by an actual person, who would ensure that each guest’s individual needs were met, from setting a wake-up call or picking up laundry to making a dinner reservation or finding local hotspots. In recent years, these tasks have been delegated to automation and other technologies.
In an effort to expand the concierge experience for guests, PhoneSuite integrated a speech-enabled device called Roxy as a conduit for fully customizable in-room concierge services. This integration is conducted through PhoneSuite’s PBX platform, allowing guests to receive responses to their requests and questions more quickly than ever. This integration has already proven to be a success through 2018, and it will only improve as the technology advances.
Voiceware 3.0 Upgrade
PhoneSuite has dedicated itself to providing robust, cloud-based tools that not only improve a guest’s experience but make a hotel manager’s job more effective and efficient. Its Voiceware software has proven itself as a leading IP-PBX hotel management platform, and in 2018, PhoneSuite improved the platform with the release of its Voiceware 3.0 upgrade.
This new version is aimed squarely at improving the functionality and ease of use that hotel managers have come to expect with the Voiceware platform, including the introduction of cloud-based call reporting. This provides hotel managers with current call data, including usage and staff metrics, in addition to allowing larger hotels to view data across multiple locations. 
Asteria Solutions Acquisition
PhoneSuite has integrated many types of technology over the years, but among the most exciting was the acquisition of Asteria after several years of cooperation. The further integration of its technology has allowed PhoneSuite to provide hotels with a single guest-facing call center through its existing platform.
With this update, agents can handle many guest requests from one central source. This is exactly the streamlining of technology that excites PhoneSuite and its customers. The ramifications of this acquisition will be seen for many years to come.
PhoneSuite is poised to continue its innovation throughout 2019 and beyond, enabling users to stay on top of communications technology by installing and maintaining an upgrade to VoIP for their hotel. 
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