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2020 Spring
Broomfield, CO

PhoneSuite Continues Enhancing and Improving Hotel Communications
In the hotel industry, there’s a constant need to innovate. Companies that don’t offer new ways of doing things or new products typically don’t have a lot to offer their clients, so they don’t stick around too long.

Since its inception in 1999, PhoneSuite has proven itself as a full-fledged leader within the hotel industry. In 2019, PhoneSuite continued to deliver on this philosophy with the introduction of new features and options that trend with changes in the overall voice technology and hotel technology industries.

Voiceware 4.0
PhoneSuite has dedicated itself to providing robust, cloud-based tools that not only improve a guest’s experience but make a hotel manager’s job more effective and efficient. Its voiceware software has proven itself as a leading IP-PBX hotel management platform, and in 2019, PhoneSuite upgraded its voice platform with the development of Voiceware 4.0.

This new version includes increased security, scalability and cost savings including a built-in SIP client for all administrative positions using its browser-based console. Using their existing computer workstation and a Bluetooth headset, staff have a complete, effective and simple virtual telephone.

New 911 Laws
As a leader in hospitality voice communication, PhoneSuite has engaged with HTNG, AAHOA and the AH&LA to better understand the new 911 laws (Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum’s Act, now Federal laws) including the effective dates and the new requirements placed on hotels regarding phone system requirements. Its solutions have been compliant with Kari’s Law for over a decade, and all VoIP based PhoneSuite solutions are future compatible with the thechnologies that will be used to effectively meet the requirements of the Ray Baum’s Act.

In fact, PhoneSuite’s involvement has been so extensive, it’s been invited to provide webinar based informational sessions for many leading hotel groups and associations franchisees and members.

Voiceware Express
Partly because of the new 911 laws, and partly because the economy and midscale customers still lack a solid VoIP or VoIP-TDM hybrid based solution, PhoneSuite has just released Voiceware Express. This cost effective solution wraps a complete hotel voice communication platform and unlimited North American calling into a simple to install package. It lowers monthly phone bills at about half the cost of replacing a traditional hotel phone system in the 50-150 room range.

Voiceware Express is completely compatible with existing cabling and guestroom phones and offers an advanced hotel voice solution at a small price.

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