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2020 Summer
Broomfield, CO

Founded in Colorado in 1988, Phonesuite is a single-sourced, hospitality communication solution for hotel managers and owners who need a reliable, simple-to-implement telephony platform. Solutions provided by Phonesuite integrate easily into existing hotels at a reasonable cost, supporting both SIP and analog infrastructures and telephones. Phonesuite has been 100% dedicated to the hotel industry for more than 30 years. Our modern hotel communication solutions serve hotels with cloud PBX solutions and on-premise solutions that support both SIP phones and analog phones.

As the COVID-19 crisis became a reality for the entire globe, Phonesuite recognized that the hospitality industry it serves would be heavily impacted by the reduction in worldwide travel that ultimately became a reality. Phonesuite leapt into action, determined to help and support the hospitality community with the following initiatives:

1. Phonesuite offers an immediate reduction in monthly charges for all types of services we provide our customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

2. Phonesuite offers a free auto-attendant service for all hotels. The client doesn't have to be an existing Phonesuite customer, and there are no conditions. It will redirect communications for hotels who have been forced to close down or need to change their normal flow of communications on a temporary basis.

3. Phonesuite offers a free, no obligation phone bill evaluation for all hotels. We can evaluate any and all communications invoices and can suggest services the hotel needs to retain or may be able to live without. We have helped multiple hotels save over $2,000 by migrating services to a lower cost provider or by simply eliminating services they no longer need or use.

4. Phonesuite offers aggressively priced SIP telephone service with unlimited “trunks” for hotels. During this crisis we're offering the first three months of service at no cost to the hotel to help bridge the cash flow gap the current crisis has created for our customers.

5. For hotels that need a new PBX during this challenging time, they can secure an install spot on our schedule for little to no cash down payment, and we're offering a deferment of any monthly recurring charges for up to three months after the system is installed. We also offer financing if capital is in short supply.

Phonesuite is devoted to the hotel industry. We are founded by hoteliers and live and breathe to delight our customers with the same whiteglove service our customers deliver to their guests. The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to the hospitality industry are unprecedented. Phonesuite stands shoulder to shoulder with our hotel partners and will remain committed to them throughout.

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