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Vendor Updates


2020 Summer
Orlando, FL

The hospitality industry is understandably focused on the broad range of challenges COVID-19 has created. From a nosedive in guest booking numbers to being required to close businesses and furlough employees, hoteliers would be hard-pressed to recall another time when they faced such tremendous difficulties at once. However, perhaps one positive that has shone through the crisis has been the overwhelming examples of support that industry professionals have offered to one another in overcoming any hardships faced by their peers.

For its part, ProfitSword has worked to ensure that it makes as much assistance available to its hospitality partners as possible in order to help successfully safeguard the wellbeing of their businesses. The COVID-19 threat has represented an unprecedented amount of uncertainty for both individual hotel locations and for the market overall. Hoteliers have been forced to make difficult decisions often without knowing how the business environment will continue to develop and how their choices will ultimately play out. Access to effective business intelligence and the ability to implement informed strategies is therefore more crucial than ever, with ProfitSword offering an array of services to ensure that hotels have the tools and data they need to understand current business needs and to plot the best course of action moving forward.

For example, ProfitSword announced its extension of support availability to ensure that its hotel partners have swift access to business intelligence and data management technicians in order to resolve any issues as a result of the pandemic and to provide expert advice. Company expert data technicians are available to help monitor automated data gathering systems to ensure that access to valuable real-time performance data from platforms, such as a hotel’s PMS, remains seamless. As hotels continue to experience labor shortages, ProfitSword’s client success and training teams have further assisted with routine day-to-day tasks such as validating data accuracy and compiling or segmenting information. This essential support allows their partners personnel to identify and implement effective response plans and pay extra attention to other operational areas.

As a leading expert in business intelligence, ProfitSword continues to share best practice tips to help all hoteliers make the most of their performance-related data, which will help them overcome market uncertainty and identify any sudden needs, threats or opportunities. This includes publishing weekly newsletters along with white papers and podcast interviews that are free to all hoteliers at www.profitsword.com. As each of us continues to do our part by offering assistance, the hospitality industry will surely be much closer to experiencing a full recovery.

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