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Vendor Updates


2019 Fall
Franklin, TN

With more than 4,000 active hotels using Quore, it’s one of the leading cloud-based service optimization platforms built for the hospitality industry by people from the hospitality industry. The application is composed of more than 30 tools designed for use by everyone across a property, from the housekeeper cleaning rooms to management overseeing it all. Work orders and complaints, room cleanings and preventive maintenance (PMs), callbacks and memos are simplified in Quore — all without loud radios or binders.
For management companies and chains, Quore is optimized for brand standards compliance and oversight. Plus, Quore takes the guesswork out of running hotels, leaving your staff more time to focus on your guests.
Guest Services  
Quore enhances service recovery, improves response time for guest requests, schedules guest callbacks and more. Hotels can chat directly with guests via text message and easily view staff activity, communication logs and hotel events all in one place. 
Preventive Maintenance
Quore allows engineers to work through PMs on the Quore mobile app — anytime, anywhere. Quore’s asset inventory feature keeps track of all items at your hotel, big or small. The system instantly creates work orders for any items that fail so you can keep clear records and track maintenance trends. 
Quore simplifies the management of room cleanings. Inspections are faster and more streamlined. Housekeepers are automatically signaled via real-time mobile notifications when rooms are ready to be cleaned with sudden guestroom updates. 
With Quore, paperwork is never misplaced because it’s always accessible in the system. Important to-dos and notes can easily be passed between shifts, and you’ll always know at a glance who’s on duty at any given time. 
Quore allows managers to keep track of staff to-dos, tasks and track overall productivity across their hotel from their desktop or smartphone. Ownership groups can view their entire portfolio at any time and approve capital expenditures with ease. 
Data & Results
Quore’s customers have experienced real results,with some achieving a 50 percent improvement in their problem handling scores. Historic data and records become more easily accessible and understandable than ever, so that growth and measurable improvement are attainable. 
Across the Globe
Quore is the preferred vendor for IHG, and its solutions are endorsed by other major worldwide chains including Hilton, Choice and Marriott, as well as independent properties and resorts. Quore has been deployed at more than 3,400 hotels in 28 countries and in 22 languages across the globe. It’s headed swiftly toward adoption in 5,000 plus total properties by the end of 2019. 
Quore Values 
Quore’s user-centric practices are at the heart of its operations. Quore is focused on taking care of the people at your hotel. Quore believes when it works smarter, its customers can work smarter. Quore works to exceed its customers’ expectations, continuously improve their guest services and solve problems, because when hotels work smarter, everyone gets the end result they’re aiming for — happier guests.

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