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2020 Spring
Franklin, TN

With more than 4,000 active users, Quore, is a world leading digital hotel operations solution, built by people from the hospitality industry. It’s a single application with more than 30 features designed for use by everyone across a property, from the housekeeper cleaning rooms to the manager overseeing it all. Quore’s features work together to create a seamless experience for every hotels and streamline each department’s day-to-day workflow. 

Dozens of Features — One Holistic Solution 
To get started with Quore, hotels add their property and room inventory information into the system. This is the pivotal first step of tying all of Quore’s features together. With accurate inventory in Quore, users view and manage all items and associated processes across their hotel or across many hotels in one centralized location. This can range from the engineer managing the daily to do’s while performing preventative maintenance to the VP of operations — forecasting budgets to upgrade assets throughout the property. 

Quore’s PM solution makes hotel preventative maintenance easier than ever before — and using the link to Quore’s inventory puts all historic information about asset maintenance in the palm of their hand. Properties can upload their own PM templates to maintain brand standards and quality assurance. Any items that fail inspection can immediately be flagged for maintenance within Quore. If warranty information is added to inventory items, the hotel engineer can see whether or not a damaged or broken asset is still under warranty to be replaced. This makes budget season a breeze as well when Quore’s inventory and PM features are incorporated with the capital expenditure feature, CapEx. 

CapEx allows hotel teams to create and automate approval flows, attach capital requests to hotel assets and make better financial decisions with consolidated data. CapEx offers hotels estimated useful life expectancy for inventory items to project estimated replacement costs for the future. Teams can set up approval flows with assigned dollar amounts for different approvers. Work orders can automatically be generated as a CapEx requests, since requests can easily be tied to specific items or assets. It takes the stress out of hotel budget season, reducing the time teams spend on budgeting from days to mere hours. 

Support Whenever It’s Needed
Quore’s 24/7 Success Team is there for any and all support needs. Whenever a user has a question or concern, a Quore Success Team member is there to answer the call. 

For more information about Quore, visit or visit booth 1026 at AAHOA.

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