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Vendor Updates

React Mobile

2022 Spring
Seattle, WA

Best in Class Reliability and Accuracy: Welcome to the new standard in panic button technology at an affordable price. Introducing release 2.0 by React Mobile – a workplace safety platform that helps employees in distress by instantly call- ing for help silently, without escalating the gravity of a nervous situation.
React Mobile hardware is comprised of a lightweight, easy-to-use cellular panic button that a person carries during work. An employee in distress due to a dangerous situation or health emergency can activate the panic button for help instantly. The device’s LED will flash, indicating help is on the way, unlike traditional noisemakers that provide no sense of how long a response will take. The panic button activation sends an alert to the software and informs the responder exactly where the person is who needs helps.

Why React Mobile 2.0 is the BEST:

  • Unlike competitors that use noisemakers to deter troublemakers, React Mobile 2.0 triggers a silent alarm that brings help without alerting others that a response is coming.

  • Once the silent alarm on the panic button has been pressed a light begins flashing red. In less than one second (when a responder receives the alert) the flashing light turns blue, acknowledging to the employee in distress that help is on the way.

  • React Mobile panic buttons cannot be triggered erroneously. Changing the button press pattern prevents false positive alerts.

React Mobile Achieves 99.9% Reliability: React Mobile 2.0 has achieved 99.9% reliability in determining the location of a person in distress with its Bluetooth Beacon technology and client portal software. The beacons are carefully installed room by room on property and tested for accurate coverage by a professional installation team to ensure reliable alerts in an instant when operators need them most. When an alert is active, the client portal software instantly helps notify responders and acknowledges users that help is on the way. It includes a chat function to allow the security team to address issues efficiently.

React Mobile Supports Confidentiality: Employee privacy is critical for any system implemented in the workplace. React Mobile understands that people don't want real-time location tracking while working (as noted by CBAs). The company’s immediate security response system never tracks a person’s location until they activate the panic button device during an emergency. This also benefits the hardware’s battery life, since it isn't constantly recording passive pings from each employee when no alert is active.

React Mobile is Affordable: No matter the property’s size, React Mobile has a simple pricing model to keep everyone protected. Simply choose a button type, define the technology to receive location data, and provide property information (num- ber of rooms, common areas, stairwells, etc.) to determine the configuration.

React Mobile is FAST! React Mobile 2.0 delivers the fastest response time on the market compared to other providers. Even properties operating with lean work- forces can provide help in an instant – including reaching out to first responders for backup.

Find how you can protect your people today, www.reactmobile.com.

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