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Vendor Updates

SALTO Systems

2016 Summer
Norcross, GA

Not Just a Guestroom Lock
SALTO Systems Access Control has been available to the commercial market since 2001, and through foresight and innovation for more than 15 years, is an original pioneer and leader in RFID technology. This is why Heathrow Airport, Princeton University and several U.S. military bases have chosen SALTO for security. SALTO has never offered a magnetic card system due to security issues that arose in the 1990s. SALTO has more than 2.5 million RFID locks installed in 90-plus countries, with more than 15 million users on 17,000-plus projects. The company’s entry into the hospitality market has given it the opportunity to become a full-service provider. Offerings include back-of-house RFID locks, padlocks, cylinder locks, locker locks and any type of access point to offer full security to more than just guestroom doors.
This is the primary reason Rosen Hotels and Resorts chose SALTO for more than 6,300 guestroom locks in its seven resorts, with 2,000-plus online devices and more than 1,400 back-of-house access doors.

SALTO SVN – SALTO Virtual Network
Other hotel locking systems offer stand-alone or online wireless solutions. SALTO Systems are never stand-alone. They only offer a network and wireless solution. The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) allows locks not communicating online/real time to report to a central system that has a deferred time, data-on-card solution. The SVN sends the transmission to and from the lock to a networked hotspot, reporting not only battery levels but also time/date stamping on every door a staff member touched, on a daily shift basis. In SVN, all access data is stored on and distributed by its operating 4K RFID chip credential. SALTO provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from a small number of doors and users to a large number of access points.

SALTO Wireless Online
SALTO’s online wireless system communication offers the real-time polling of all locks and access points every eight seconds. This allows for features such as door ajar, room changes and extended-stay commands. SALTO has the ability to not only network through its own gateways and nodes, but can also ride on someone else’s network, such as online energy management or room control business partners.
SALTO's BLE-based solution, JustIN Mobile, is an app that allows guests to use their smartphone as a room key. This allows the encoding of a guest’s smartphone upon check-in as opposed to using a key, and sends the information to the guest’s phone via an app, allowing them to go directly to their room without visiting the front desk. SALTO also integrates with most other hotel corporate brands and independent apps.

SALTO offers the following technology as standard in all hotel Locks: Bluetooth (BLE); RFID (radio frequency identification); NFC technology (near-field communication); and integration with third-party systems, compatible with many such as time and attendance, CCTV and PMSs.

For more information call (866) GO-SALTO, email ushotel@saltosystems.com or visit www.salto.us.


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