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Security Validation, LLC

2015 Summer
Montclair, NJ

Security Validation has entered the New Year committed to improving the data security and privacy programs of hotels worldwide. The financial benefits of having a sound and documented data security program are beginning to resonate with franchise owners, management companies and boutique operators alike. Guests are far more educated when it comes to data security and have become much more aware of the risks to their identities. They are also becoming significantly more vocal when inquiring about the level of effort merchants put into securing that information. Security Validation’s all-inclusive compliance program continues to spark the interest of hotelier’s, spanning all the major flags. The expertise and understanding of the hospitality industry makes Security Validation all the more valuable to hoteliers who until recently have received little or no guidance on how to implement security best practices.
Security Validation brings to the merchant a comprehensive program designed to evaluate the people, processes and technology that drive business and impact data security. At the end of the process the property is more secure, guests are more confident and the property sees a true return on investment without any significant disruption to the hotel’s operations. The program is not intended to be just a point-in-time evaluation but rather a program that ingrains data security into the everyday activities of the hotel staff.
The process starts with the delivery of Data Security Awareness training through Security Validation Academy Training and awareness are the cornerstones of a data security program and help by educating new associates while reinforcing security best practices for existing associates. In parallel Security Validation performs an in-depth technical review of the property’s technology. This includes all of the front and back office systems along with the property management systems and point-of-sale terminals and devices. The technical review is conducted to identify gaps in technical controls and provide the property with a detailed remediation plan. Control weaknesses can then be remediated by Security Validation or the hotel’s IT vendor. Policies and procedures meeting the PCI-Data Security Standards are equally important to the process. They are necessary to maintain a safe operating environment and to demonstrate the property understands the principles of security and operates securely. Security Validation is proud to have been selected to work with The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa, along with InnSight Hotel Management Group of Springfield, Ore., and The LOK Group of Companies of Petaluma, Calif. Security Validation was engaged to execute a data security program that will help all of the properties become compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards and build a culture that considers data security as part of their daily operations.
Security Validation’s PCI and Data Privacy Compliance program for hoteliers continues to receive positive reviews from industry leaders and customers across the country. The company’s plans for 2015 include nurturing strategic relationships and working more closely with Marriott, IHG, Starwood and Wyndham as it helps managed and franchised portfolios operate more securely.

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