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Vendor Updates


2016 Summer
Allentown, PA

About Shift4
Shift4 stands alone as the last major player in the payments space to remain independent, self funded and merchant focused. Its DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway comes with all the bells and whistles: pre and post-settlement auditing, fraud controls, support for new technologies like EMV and mobile, secure connections to nearly every major bank and processor in North America, and 350+ certified integrations to leading POS, PMS and e-commerce platforms. Shift4 invests heavily in payment security – it invented tokenization and owns eight payment-security patents. The company empowers its 33,000+ merchant customers with the flexibility to customize its secure payment processing solutions to fit their business.

Advanced Payments Technologies for Today’s Hotels
Everywhere people look, payments are changing. Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway gives hoteliers the freedom to securely accept payments however and wherever they need to. With more than 20 years in the hospitality space, Shift4 has tailored solutions for every payments issue facing the hospitality industry. It’s no surprise that nearly a third of all the hotels in North America use Shift4.
Features include:

  • 100 percent bank and processor neutrality
  • More than 350 unique POS and PMS integrations
  • Support for EMV in the United States and Canada
  • P2PE and tokenization to keep sensitive card data from entering the hospitality environment while greatly reducing PCI scope
  • 4Res® to tokenize card data received from reservation companies, global distribution systems and central reservation systems
  • 4Word® to securely facilitate one-time payments on the behalf of guests
  • Auditing and accounting features to reduce errors and avoid their related fees and fines
  • 24-month rolling transaction archive
  • Protection against trusted-employee fraud delivered through Fraud Sentry®
  • 24/7/365 world-class, U.S.-based customer support

Get EMV Ready
Through Shift4’s innovative Universal Transaction Gateway®, it can deliver EMV certification to its hundreds of POS and PMS integration partners, greatly reducing their costs. Shift4’s certifications for EMV provide merchants numerous options, helping them to adopt an EMV solution that fits their business. This includes support for popular terminals from both Ingenico Group and Verifone – all of which support EMV and NFC/contactless over a variety of connectivity options (USB, serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). While EMV alone will not prevent data breaches, it is a powerful anti-fraud tool that is layered with Shift4’s True P2PE™ and TrueTokenization® solutions to secure sensitive payment data.

Accept Payments – Anywhere
Shift4’s mobile point-of-sale solution, VT4®, turns any internet-connected device into a P2PE-capable point of sale, allowing hoteliers to securely accept credit, debit, check, cash and gift card payments at the valet, pool, restaurants and more. VT4 fully integrates with DOLLARS ON THE NET, offering advanced auditing, accounting, reporting and fraud-prevention capabilities that can’t be found with any other mobile payment solution. VT4 complements businesses of all sizes – including boutique bed and breakfasts, hotel chains and mega-resorts – by scaling to support an unlimited number of users, devices and revenue centers.

For more information, contact Shift4 today at (800) 265-5795 or info@shift4.com.


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