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Vendor Updates


2008 Spring
Allentown, PA

Since Since 1994, Shift4 Corporation has provided real-time enterprise payment processing solutions to leading hospitality, food and beverage, retail and e-commerce organizations.  Shift4’s forté is handling high volume, enterprise level accounts with multiple entities, interfaces, locations, processors and merchant types, all within the structure of a single system. This is accomplished through a powerful, innovative and secure system that connects the world’s most popular point-of-sale (POS) and property management (PMS) applications to the world’s largest credit, debit and private label processors.

Shift4 is focused on helping merchants manage the complex security challenges inherent in the payment services industry.  Put simply, Shift4’s solutions minimize the risk of accepting credit card payments, allowing merchants the freedom to focus on their core business.  In addition to world class security, Shift4 offers merchants many operational benefits, including sub three-second authorizations, Fraud Sentry®, assured delivery technology, and 24 months of searchable archived transaction data.

Shift4 offers merchants a viable and proven option when faced with the cost of upgrading their system in order to become PCI compliant.  The Shift4 Secure Driver is the only driver that can claim no cardholder information is ever stored in the POS application, database or server. Therefore, there is no information to be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. Once $$$ ON THE NET® is installed, systems will remain in compliance even as card association regulations tighten and the latest equipment continues to become obsolete over time.  If the primary account number (PAN) is not stored, processed or transmitted, PCI DSS requirements do not apply.

In keeping with a history of leadership through innovation, Shift4 is currently launching a new, patent-protected technology called 4GO™.  Just as Shift4’s Tokenization technology revolutionized the payment process in 2005, 4GO promises to set a new standard and define the future of credit card data security.  Once a credit/debit card is swiped at the point of purchase, 4GO technology intercepts the data and quickly returns faux card data to the POS terminal.  This process is the final step in creating real security, an environment wherein no cardholder data exists.

Shift4 will be exhibiting at HITEC in booth No. 317. For more information, contact John Mann, VP of sales at (702) 597-2480 ext. 3419, or by e-mail at john@shift4.com.

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