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Vendor Updates


2010 Spring
Allentown, PA

As one of the largest card-present gateways in the payments industry, Shift4 Corporation provides comprehensive enterprise payment solutions for many leading hospitality organizations.

Leveraging connectivity to every major processor, Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® product serves as a real-time, Web-based payment gateway between your point-of-sale (POS)/property management systems (PMS) and the bank or processor of your choice. It collects and transmits transaction data to speed up ticket processing and enhance the overall customer experience.

For hotels or franchisees with single or multiple profit centers (front desk, restaurant, gift shops, spas, etc.), ensuring these transactions are processed quickly, accurately and securely without inordinate fees, downgrades or chargebacks can dramatically impact your bottom line.

DOLLARS ON THE NET can help by providing the following value-added features:

  • Pre-settlement auditing tools to eliminate inaccurate transactions, prevent downgrades, and help you avoid unnecessary authorization fees, costly chargebacks and credits.
  • Assured delivery technology (ADT) guarantees that all transactions are authorized and settled with no lost or duplicate transactions.
  • Split-processing direct to American Express (AMEX) eliminates third-party processor fees and accelerates funding.
  • Enterprise management for centralized control from all locations to search, report, submit, audit and review all transactions securely via the Internet.
  • Fraud Sentry® combats employee fraud with real-time monitoring and immediate notification of unusual credit card transaction activity and suspicious trends.
  • Fully integrated gift card solution IT’S YOUR CARD® offers complete control to activate/deactivate, track, report and process balance inquiries from the same place credit cards are charged with no extra hardware or third-party integration.

DOLLARS ON THE NET not only provides direct cost savings to hoteliers, it also includes 4Go Secure Suite® with tokenization to alleviate the burden of processing, transmitting or storing cardholder data (CHD). Tokenization technology, invented and released by Shift4 in 2005, replaces the CHD with a unique, alpha-numeric value called a Shift4 Token, eliminating the storage of CHD. For up to 24 months, tokens can be used in conjunction with DOLLARS ON THE NET to do virtually anything that can be done with CHD. 4Go intercepts actual CHD before it enters the POS/PMS, so it never stores, processes or transmits actual cardholder data. Because no actual cardholder data is stored, processed or transmitted by the POS/PMS cash register, the POS/PMS application, back office POS/PMS server application and any network infrastructure between them are removed from the scope of PCI, drastically simplifying your PCI compliance efforts (visit www.simplifypci.com for more information).

Shift4 offers all of the security, functionality and savings benefits to DOLLARS ON THE NET users at no additional charge. Shift4 supports interfaces into hundreds of leading PMS/POS systems and processors. For a complete list of certified interfaces, please visit www.shift4.com and click on the partners tab.

To speak to a Shift4 representative, contact Daniel Montellano at (702) 597-2480 (Ext. 43100) or dmontellano@shift4.com.

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