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Vendor Updates

Shiji Group

2020 Fall
Atlanta, GA

With most of the hospitality industry coming to a standstill Shiji had to reset a lot of its priorities. There were two essential parts to this. 

First, Shiji worked on solving immediate needs — releasing products that were initially planned for release later in the year. Some products focused on contactless payments through Shiji Payment Solutions, Infrasys Cloud POS and MyCheck. Others centered on guest communication solutions to facilitate answering guest questions through ReviewPro. 

Due to the standstill, Shiji also met with many longtime customers to plan for their long-term technology needs. This was an opportunity to look at the coming decades and work on a new technology platform for enterprise hotel companies; a project Shiji had initiated many years ago but which suddenly became critical. Shiji recognizes that now is a time to focus on helping hotels solve immediate needs through immediate solutions, as well as a time to work on foundational systems that will help customers over the coming years.

Concept Spa and Golf
Concept launched a new software release with many new features including an integration to Shiji Vault, enhanced GDPR controls, and an improved Concept Mobile spa iPad application. Additionally, Concept expanded global coverage with new sales and support offices in the Americas, Central EMEA and APAC.

Infrasys Cloud POS
With cloud releases monthly, Infrasys has focused on expanding the number of third-party integrations available through its open API platform. In addition, the company focused on creating a seamless connection to the MyCheck mobile ordering and pay suite to create powerful digital food and beverage solutions. 

MyCheck announced Click-to-Order, to help food and beverage outlets turn on a mobile ordering and payment system quickly to address the need to be contactless. MyCheck integrates to both Infrasys and many legacy POS systems. Click-to-Order can be set up in three business days and can be later integrated to your system. 

ReviewPro launched its latest solution —  Guest Experience Automation™, an artificial intelligence driven messaging platform which includes a hotel chatbot and automation tools across multiple messaging services, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc.

Shiji Distribution Solutions and IcePortal
Shiji Distribution and IcePortal added content support for seven new languages (bringing the total language count to 20) and built automated photo analysis and tagging functionality with integrated AI. In addition, a Shiji Distribution and IcePortal customer support portal was created to allow customers to track the status of their tickets, engage in a live chat follow up and access the Distribution and IcePortal knowledge base.

For more information, contact Shiji Group at sales-us@shijigroup.com or visit shijigroup.com.

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