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Vendor Updates

Shiji Group

2021 Spring
Atlanta, GA

Despite the headwind of 2020 on so many levels, we have continued with our strategy of product innovation and growth of the Shiji Enterprise Platform with a series of achievements. These include taking the leading global position in cloud-based hotel services using big data, implementing cloud services in more than 70,000 hotels around the world and achieving global recognition for Infrasys Cloud POS from three of the world's top five influential hotel groups that have implemented Infrasys as their global standard. Infrasys Cloud POS has successfully passed legal and fiscal certifications in dozens of countries around the world. Shiji Group is now a major global POS provider and one of the leading suppliers in technology for the global hospitality industry.

The launch of Shiji Group's biggest milestone project, the cloud-based Shiji Enterprise Platform, has been in pilot in a dozen hotels from a variety of hotel groups and has since received positive feedback from our customers. In September 2020, Shiji Group and The Peninsula Hotels announced a landmark partnership deal where The Peninsula Hotels will fully adopt the entire Shiji Enterprise Platform. At present, the integration of all of the group's applications has been completed. The successful launch of Shiji Enterprise Platform with The Peninsula Hotels is expected to have a significant effect on the industry in the years to come. With this partnership and the acceleration of Shiji Group's R&D, the platform became a leader in terms of technical infrastructure and product functionality, features that are critical for the detail-oriented luxury hotel industry.

Looking forward to 2021, the global pandemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for our industry. Since the outbreak, the industry has been accelerating the pace of digital transformation. Due to the significant improvement in operational efficiency brought by cloud systems, pandemic's effects will intensify the demand for cloud-based technology. International hotel groups are gradually recovering and are paying close attention to cost-control and efficiency. Shiji Enterprise Platform will provide global hotel groups with a wide scale of solutions to support them in their recovery and digital transformation.

This year Shiji Group will continue to develop its own technology solutions, take the opportunity to create more innovation with its R&D teams, grow its global team and customer service, accelerate the internal integration of the group and continue to promote our new generation of cloud products to the global hotel industry. Shiji Group believes 2021 will prove to be a significant year as the company expands its global customer base and continues to make technological advances with Shiji Enterprise Platform.

For more information on Shiji Group please visit www.shijigroup.com.

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