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Vendor Updates


2023 Summer
Brussels, Paris

The world has changed, and hospitality needs to change the way it thinks. Thynk is proud of its ability to understand that guests are moving from material consumption to experiences that transcend the material. Experiential hospitality is about hyper personalization that builds a strong relationship and trust with a brand triggering a long-term customer journey.

That’s why Thynk has designed and built an innovative data-driven process automation solution that sits on top of and integrates in real time with the hotel PMS and POS, in order to manage, market, price, plan, contract, deliver and invoice any bundled hospitality service, including third party services.

The Thynk turnkey hospitality sales and operation solution is powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, because Thynk believes hoteliers should benefit from the best-of-breed, data-driven, and customer-centric solutions already proven and trusted by other global industries and organizations. Thynk wants to empower hoteliers to leverage the immense capabilities of the Salesforce platform to positively impact the industry and power specific use cases out of the box – without added development costs. 

Thynk's hotel customers worldwide rely on the Thynk solution to provide exceptional, streamlined service to their guests and customers throughout the relationship lifecycle and easily build higher margin tailored services that they can sell directly. In addition, we help them to manage their OPEX and optimize the go-to-market and cost of sales of bundled services and new concepts. 

The Thynk solution centralizes all data into one efficient and easily accessible system, eliminating the need to juggle multiple Excel spreadsheets or waste time searching for relevant information to make an informed decision. This helps clients focus on MarginPar and share of wallet, and stay on top of RevPar and inventory to optimize financial strength and profitability. 


Thynk’s turnkey hospitality sales and operation solution is built on three complementary pillars, including:


1. A set of ready to use hospitality modules (ie., Corporate Account, Guest, Space, Bundled Services, and Operation Management) to provide hoteliers with an end-to-end solution working seamlessly out of the box. Thynk includes the complete life cycle of any hospitality service: Market, Price, Quote, Contract, Plan, Schedule, Deliver, Invoice, and Collect. The compiled data is consolidated into one centralized system.

2. Powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, so hoteliers can leverage Salesforce’s agility to fine-tune processes and automation to unique guest and corporate journeys for quicker execution. There should be no limit to customer-centric innovation. 

3. Data management is at the core so hoteliers can improve experiences and make quick data-driven decisions to better serve guests and corporate groups. 

Thynk solutions help hoteliers to stay in control and adapt fast, while optimizing time to market and minimizing cost of sales. 


Thynk.Cloud recently secured $13 million in Series A funding from investors across Europe and the U.S. This increased access to capital is further bolstered by its recent revenue performance. The key to Thynk's success is the adoption of its process automation, data-driven and customer centric verticalized platform by major hotel companies/groups.


For more information on Thynk, visit www.thynk.cloud.

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