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Vendor Updates


2019 Summer
Chicago, IL

Employee Safety at the Touch of a Button
As one of the hospitality industry’s leading safety button solution providers, TraknProtect has become a proven partner to hotels in supporting their efforts to ensure safer lodging environments for employees and guests alike. With an increasing wide-range portfolio of customers, its worldwide reach includes serving as a choice international qualified vendor and a global provider to Peninsula Hotels. 
Faced with increasing safety legislation, union action and the general cultural shift towards more comprehensive employee safety measures, TraknProtect provides customers the power of real-time location services (RTLS) technology that can be easily integrated into its safe and existing operations systems. Its enhanced, wearable employee safety devices (ESDs) let hotel staff summon assistance to any harassment or safety event.  Once activated, its safety buttons provide the exact location and ongoing tracking of the hotel employee to summon designated hotel staff alert recipients so they can provide prompt assistance. More than just a panic alarm, the TraknProtect safety button provides multiple ways to recieve alerts and the ability to log and document a wide range of incident details.  
In addition to its comprehensive personal security solution, the TraknProtect platform can also be used for other crucial roles in the hotel – all on the same cloud-based platform. The room tray tracking module can enhance the cleanliness of hotel hallways and guest areas by decreasing the time to pick up used room service trays. Its asset tracking solution can significantly decrease time to locate thousands of items of inventory to improve capital cost savings and improve analytics-based inventory decisions. TracknProtect can also ensure greater hotel security with its vendor tracking product, which can keep vendors to permitted areas while also providing smarter labor management insights. Its programs provide safer and more efficient hotel environments which have translated into enhanced guest experiences and increased revenue.
While the tasks it performs are complex, TraknProtect has been designed with engineered simplicity, ease of use and an intuitive, reliable interface. Unlike legacy systems or those originally designed to meet the needs of other industries, the TraknProtect platform is purpose-built for the unique needs of the hospitality industry and designed to integrate seamlessly into hotel infrastructure. It’s easy to install with minimal disruption to ongoing hotel operations. To provide ongoing scalable support, it has the support of industry leading service partners including: Verizon, VENZA, NEC and Sonifi and enjoys hardware partnerships with firms such as Ruckus, Cisco, Interel and Aruba.
Founded in 2013, TraknProtect is a woman-owned, minority business enterprise. Taking a leadership role with its involvement with organizations such as AHLA, HTNG, HFTP and IHLA, TracknProtect advocates for employee safety and an unmatched level of customer satisfaction. 
For more information, visit www.traknprotect.com.

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