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Vendor Updates


2017 Spring
Nashville, TN

Hello, Welcome to Uniguest
Uniguest is a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions to the hospitality industry. The company is in The Relentless Pursuit of the Perfect Customer Experience.

Its growing portfolio of secure guest-use kiosks and tablets, print stations and digital signage, has helped leading brands achieve higher value through reduced risk, increased revenue and improved guest satisfaction.

Uniguest has deployed 26,000 content delivery solutions across 15,000 locations in 65 countries and territories. The company has an in-house technical support organization that works around the clock at its headquarters in Nashville to maximize the uptime of its global fleet, and to assist its hotelier customers and their guests.

As a single-source provider with more than 30 years of expertise in the hospitality industry, Uniguest makes it simple for hoteliers to add value to their properties and to enhance the overall guest experience with guest-use technology solutions. The company manages every aspect of every implementation, then continues with 24/7/365 technical support to ensure the deployment is performing as expected over time.

Cybersecurity and the protection of guest-user information are key elements of a Uniguest secure kiosk. The company’s proprietary security software, Secured Advantage, protects devices against online threats and deletes every user-generated file at the end of every session.
Uniguest Connect, powered by Secured Advantage, is the company’s premier secure kiosk, and it is one of hospitality’s leading secure business center solutions. It has delivered safe computing sessions to hundreds of millions of hotel guests all around the world. It can be configured in three modes – as free to guest (FTG), pay per use (PPU) or as a hybrid FTG/PPU.

The company offers secure kiosk solutions for Mac OS, Mac iOS and Windows on a variety of form factors.

From its secure kiosks and tablets to digital signage and its other guest-use solutions, Uniguest delivers the confidence that is needed in technology 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while significantly minimizing cybersecurity risks and the possibility of compromised guest information. Whenever issues arise, hotel front desk staff and hotel guests can contact Uniguest’s in-house technical support team, the UCrew, by phone, email or live chat to get them resolved.

Uniguest is constantly evolving its platform to meet the needs of the future. The company makes it easy for hoteliers to renew their service with multiyear contracts, and to refresh hardware with life cycle management programs.

More Uniguest, More Value
There are more ways to partner with Uniguest.

  • Digital signage: U-Sign is a simple, effective and affordable way to keep guests informed throughout a property. U-Local is an interactive (touch-screen) concierge that displays a hotelier’s specific recommendations for their local area.
  • Mobile printing stations: Uniguest Print makes it easy for guests to print files directly from their mobile device to a stand-alone printer, or to a printer connected to a Uniguest Connect business center.

Enhance the property and the overall guest experience with secure technology solutions from Uniguest. For more information, call (800) 467-1218, option 3, visit www.uniguest.com or email sales@uniguest.com.

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