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Vendor Updates


2020 Spring
Nashville, TN

Uniguest doesn’t take its position as one of the most trusted names in secure technology lightly. That’s why it has long been relentlessly chasing the perfect customer experience and will continue that pursuit for many years to come.

Most companies promise this, but few have the passion nor the right team to deliver on it. This is not the case for Uniguest.

Over the past few years, Uniguest has supercharged its portfolio to include much more than just the average business center. It brings the ultimate guest experience to spaces across the world through guestroom entertainment, meeting room tech, interactive digital signage and more. Through dedication to its customers and team work, it has exceeded 18,000 customer accounts, more than 120,000 managed endpoints, and 250,000 self-service endpoints.

Going above and beyond is the name of the game. Uniguest’s in-house technical support organization, the UCrew, works around the clock at the Nashville headquarters to serve customers in more than 65 countries and territories. It manages every aspect of every implementation, then maintains 24/7 year-round technical support to ensure each deployment is performing as expected.

Every day and every hour, it’s dedicated to delivering for its customers and their guests. That dedication doesn’t stop at the end of the signature line on a contract; it’s a promise that will last as long as the company does.

For more than 30 years, Uniguest has helped hoteliers add value to their properties and enhance the overall guest experience through technology. 

Check out just some of Uniguest’s product offerings and features:

Secure Workstations
Cybersecurity and the protection of clients and their customers are key elements of a Uniguest secure public-use workstation, one of hospitality’s leading secure business center solutions. The company’s proprietary security software, Secured Advantage, protects devices against online threats and deletes every user-generated file and digital footprint at the end of every session.

Hundreds of millions of hotel guests around the world rely on the Secured Advantage platform to safely access sensitive content away from home. It can be configured in three modes — as free to guest (FTG), pay per use (PPU) or as a hybrid FTG/PPU.

The company offers secure workstation solutions for Mac OS, Mac iOS and Windows on a variety of form factors.

Digital Signage
U-Sign is a simple, effective and affordable way to keep guests informed throughout a property. 

U-Local is an interactive concierge that displays specific recommendations for the local area.

Wayfinder is Uniguest’s newest digital sign feature, an interactive concierge and site directory that helps guide guests to revenue-generating amenities.

Cloud Printing Stations
Uniguest Print makes it easy for guests to print files directly from their mobile device to a stand-alone printer, or to a printer connected to a Uniguest Connect business center.

To learn more about how Uniguest can serve your need for comprehensive technology solutions, visit www.uniguest.com or email sales@uniguest.com.

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