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Vendor Updates


2023 Summer
Nashville, TN

Connect content. Deployed everywhere. Engaged audiences.

Uniguest is a world leader in providing secure engagement technologies, giving its customers the opportunity to connect with its audience via modern and effective digital channels. Uniguest’s digital engagement platform, a suite of digital signage, public-use, enterprise video and meeting room technologies, delivers connected content from anywhere to anywhere for its customers and partners.

The Uniguest CMS platform now delivers content to and serves hundreds of thousands of digital signage endpoints, public-use workstations, IPTV displays, mobile devices, laptops and meeting room signs – making it one of the five biggest providers in the digital signage CMS space globally.


Uniguest Digital Engagement Platform

The innovative new Uniguest Digital Engagement Platform is a true SaaS (Software as a Service) management platform for all digital surfaces in a hotel; creating powerful in-room entertainment experiences and better engaged and connected guests. The Uniguest DEP delivers digital signage, hotel TV and interactive kiosk solutions from a single management interface.

Powered by Amazon Cloud Services, and the Amazon CloudFront CDN, Uniguest offers unparalleled levels of performance and stability for all of your display management applications.

Designed to be API centric at its core, Uniguest offers simple integration to existing platforms while also extracting and presenting content published from external third party sources. With unrivalled possibilities for customisation, branding and navigation, the platform gives you a powerful connection with your audience.


Uniguest Casting

Unlike AirPlay or Miracast, the Uniguest Casting solution lets guests stream Netflix in their hotel room and keep using their device's other apps. It even allows unlimited device pairing during the stay. With one-step authentication, guests can start streaming their favorite shows faster than they can order room service.

Working with both iOS and Android, Uniguest Casting is a flexible solution that enables one step authentication and simple user management for a property.


Secure Workstations as a Sign

With the launch of its SA11 software platform, Uniguest’s well-known and widely adopted secure workstation is now a part of its digital engagement suite offering. Doubling up as a digital signage display, the SA11 can deliver all of the usual features a guest would expect but when not in use turns into a full featured, centrally controlled digital sign. 

With many hoteliers debating the future of the business center it’s time to rethink the purpose of those spaces and ensure they become another key engagement point in a guest journey. Only Uniguest offers that possibility.


For more information on Uniguest, visit www.uniguest.com.

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