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Vendor Updates


2019 Summer
Roswell, Georgia

Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA helps mitigate data protection vulnerabilities and ensures compliance, keeping guests and their data safe. The VENZA customer success team is driven to guide hotel groups with prescriptive coaching. VENZA’s guidance identifies and defines program needs toward the successful implementation of the VENZA program for maximum data protection. 
Data Protection
Take measures to secure data and preserve confidentiality. Let VENZA guide the data protection journey with: training, assessments, audits, remote monitoring and policy templates. VENZA’s program includes phishing simulation campaigns. The VENZA customer success team works to check for adherence to email hygiene best practices and further communicate security protocols. Its program also includes data breach coverage. Hotel groups can use this $100,000 data breach policy to cover costs associated with forensic audits, fees and fines, equipment replacement in lieu of fines, cost of required consumer notifications and more.
Privacy Regulation Compliance
VENZA enables a privacy regulation task force through informed guidance and provides the tools to assess, track and document compliance status. Look to VENZA for: readiness assessments, DPIAs, legal coaching and procedural (data breach, data subject request) assistance. VENZA’s program includes the privacy nexus privacy management system. Flush with multiple functionalities to facilitate compliance (e.g. data inventory, data subject request management, incident and breach management, third party management), through the partnership with VENZA, privacy nexus is equipped with templates for hotel systems and processings. These templates, along with the always-welcome assistance of VENZA’s on-staff privacy engineers, ensure maximum meaningful application of the system.
VENZA simplifies the PCI DSS by providing tools to assess, track and document compliance status. Its programs allow hotel groups to manage a robust data protection program for PCI DSS compliance. Let VENZA guide your PCI DSS journey with: external (ASV) scanning, internal vulnerability and breach scanning, attestation, readiness assessments, log and threat monitoring, RMM, and penetration and segmentation checks. Its program includes SAQ preparation. The VENZA information security team will guide users through the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) process, review evidence and facilitate filling out the necessary documentation for the user’s SAQ type. During the process, the VENZA team will also provide recommendations for remediation and suggestions to lower PCI scope.
VENZA offers 360-degree visibility for proactive management of risks, so users can focus on guest service and building trust in their brand. Better visibility means better defense. Know risks, protect enterprises with VENZA.
For more information, visit www.venzagroup.com.

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