Vendor Updates

Vertical Booking

2020 Summer
Hillsboro, Oregon

Everyone has heard familiar phrase “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures." No one ever imagined this would become the mantra, not for just one company, one community, or one country, but for the entire globe. At Vertical Booking, as we listened and watched reports flood in from around the world, we witnessed events evolve at such a rapid pace, it was hard to believe what our industry would be facing. Amid the difficulties, we're resolved to remain positive, anticipating “this too, shall pass." Everyone - resorts, hotels and the supporting businesses - will need to be prepared for an inevitable flood of bookings.

The Vertical Booking team continues to reach out and offer assistance to every valued client. Our goal is to formulate solid distribution strategies in preparation for the recovery phase. The team is forging ideas to optimize current listings, strengthen online presences, refresh photos and update descriptions. Ensuring that every tool, every opportunity, every enhancement, is utilized to the maximum benefit, remains the common goal.

Now more than ever the most important factor is each client’s online presence. It's extremely relevant to use this time to optimize all factors that will facilitate and assure preparedness and positioning. Our driving motto has become a force within our company “stay proactive, don’t be reactive." We've compiled a number of offerings we're confident will help every client remain proactive in their efforts. Our gift certificate booking engine allows hotels and groups to sell gift vouchers directly from their own website. We’ve developed a customizable pop-up banner for our client’s website and booking engine, enabling communication regarding health and safety measures, to inform and protect both guests and staff alike. Due to increased cancellations, a new feature lets hotels easily generate vouchers, as an alternative to refunds. All of this is available at no cost to our clients.

We continue to aggressively monitor all systems, ensuring full and uninterrupted access to our remote data centers for our technical teams. Many unique situations have arisen during this challenging period. We continue 24/7 support services, with every team member prepared for assistance. Keeping our systems up and running to accommodate our clients, remains our top priority. As we move forward through these extraordinary times, we recognize it takes everyone’s efforts to collectively get through this difficult period. We all have faced many challenges in this amazing industry, and we've proven over and over, the inspiring resilience of our industry! We rebounded after 9/11 and again, after the Great Recession of 2008. Travel has become a given, a way of life, globally. Travel will rebound. Remaining resolute and supporting each other, we will be ready.

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