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Vendor Updates

Visual Matrix

2022 Fall

MOP by Visual Matrix 
MOP is a mobile operating platform and app that automates a hotel’s routine tasks to help staff work smarter, faster, and better. MOP eliminates the daily paper processes used by front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff and puts the real-time data they need to do their jobs more efficiently in the palm of their hands via a mobile device. 

Built-in Panic Button
Emergency Safety Devices (ESD) are making headlines as more and more cities are enacting laws requiring hotels to supply them to staff. MOP includes a built-in panic button staff can use if they feel threatened. The panic button is visible on every screen within MOP and is activated with one tap. Once activated, MOP will automatically alert designated hotel staff and security and locate the staff member for a quick response. The mobile device’s camera will also be automatically activated to capture the threat on video and audio. 

Housekeeping and Maintenance Assignments
Time is of the essence when turning rooms, making repairs, and accommodating guests. MOP keeps room attendants and maintenance crews on top of their assignments and manages their progress at the same time. Features include: 

Automated Task Management – Process special reports, enter maintenance tickets, change room status, time track, and more

Room and Process Inspections – Ensure rooms are always guest-ready, identify who completed a room last, reopen rooms for re-cleaning, generate multiple maintenance tickets on the same screen, follow room attendants to ensure proper cleaning, and make notes

Deep Cleans – Guide staff through the process so nothing is missed, use the built-in checklist or customize steps based on your brand’s standards, generate multiple maintenance tickets on the same screen, and make notes

Room Preventative Maintenance (PM) – Keep rooms in working order for guests, customize the PM scheduler and checklist, track tasks of everyone assigned to a room, and generate multiple maintenance tickets on the same screen

Guest Interaction
MOP also includes a Guest Interaction texting system that enables guests to send a message to hotel staff when they need assistance. In turn, hotel staff can send special messages to guests before, during, and after their stay using the same texting system within MOP. 

  • Texting system is fully integrated into MOP 
  • Ensures guests and staff are always on the same page 
  • Enhanced communications encourage loyalty 
  • Send welcome messages, promotional offers, announcements, thank you texts and more

MOP auto-generates several reports with insights about staff and operational performance. Hotels can use the data to make decisions impacting labor costs as well as their guest experience. 

  • Reporting to stay on top of the bottom line 
  • Detailed metrics about everyday tasks 
  • Regional reports give upper management answers to questions before they ask them


For more information about MOP by Visual Matrix and to schedule a demo, call  +1 (888) 222-1179 or go to vmmop.com/contact.

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