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Vendor Updates

Voice Carrier

2021 Summer
Round Rock, TX

Voice Carrier has been providing groundbreaking hotel phone service since 2007. The desire to provide a superior, unified hotel telecommunication experience drives its mission. Hotels with Voice Carrier service have the option to keep their legacy equipment and enjoy many cloud-based features or they can upgrade to a fully hosted system with PMS integration.  

Standard or Deluxe PMS Options
Voice Carrier hotel customers can choose either Standard or Deluxe PMS options. The standard option is more cost-efficient but still includes all the base features such as enable room mailbox, register maid status codes and control long distance. The deluxe option includes all the features of the standard package plus additional features such as receiving call the front desk messages, guest language options and sending all outside call attempts to the operator. The deluxe option also includes a second portal to manually override PMS in the event of a system failure. This allows you to still check rooms in and out manually.

Features and Cost
Voice Carrier provides every hotel with a free cloud-based PBX and a free duplicate cloud-based PBX that’s backed up daily, free 24/7/365 American based remote support, free 24/7/365 security monitoring and over 100 free standard features. Upfront and monthly cost for a fully hosted or legacy system is 40%-60% less than most of its competitors. Voice Carrier offers free remote installations, and it is certified with over 200 PMS companies. 

Double Redundancy Backup
Voice Carrier takes every measure possible to ensure its hospitality customers' phone service is never down. It has two colocations (COLOs) located in different parts of the country that fail over to each other in the event of a catastrophic disaster. If a customer’s physical location experiences a physical outage such as a loss of power or internet service, Voice Carrier is able to forward calls to cellphones, other locations, home phones or wherever the customer desires. 

In 2020 Voice Carrier partnered with TCG Telecom Consulting Group. Partnering with TCG allows Voice Carrier to also provide our customers with internet service, point of payment systems, CCTV and many more hotel focused technologies.

Hotel Safety
Voice Carrier has taken hotels and their customer's safety seriously. Not only does it meet and exceed all local, state and federal 911 requirements, it provides each hotel with free front desk notification when anyone in the hotel dials 911. During a Texas ice storm, a COLO was experiencing network outage due to commercial power failure. Voice Carrier was able to failover all its hotel customers to its California cloud, which kept all its hotel customers up and running. If you'd like to learn why thousands of customers have chosen Voice Carrier or to receive a free competitive quote, call 855-456-8647 or email sales@voicecarrier.com.

For more information on Voice Carrier, visit www.VoiceCarrier.com.

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