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Marshall Andrew

Marshall Andrew

Vice President & CIO
Station Casinos, Inc, Las Vegas, NV
What are some of your responsibilities?
Provide advice, support service, and systems to the operating business units & service units at Station Casino’s 8 hotels & 11 casinos. This includes application development, telecommunications (voice & data), vendor integration, & Internet.

What do you like most about your job?
Personal and professional satisfaction seeing technology being applied to help gain competitive advantage. Having IT become an integral part of the companies strategic direction in operations, marketing, guest services, and revenue generation.

What do you like least about your job?
Like almost all CIO’s, not having the time or resources to deliver key systems to users. Having to prioritize projects when almost all of them can help make a contribution to profit.

Did you go to undergraduate school? Where? What was your major?
I attended Purdue University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.

What is your favorite movie?
I have several but if I must choose I would say “The Big Chill” (it had an influence on my life) and “Planes Trains, & Automobiles” with John Candy and Steve Martin (we watch it every Thanksgiving). It gives a good documentary of the travel and hospitality industry.

What is your favorite song?
“In My Life” by the Beatles and “Leader of The Band” by Dan Fogelberg… the lyrics send a good message.

What is your favorite line from a movie or song?
“A man's got to know his limitations,' one of many great Clint Eastwood lines… applies to many of the outdoor sports I still try to do.

What was your first job?
I was a house painter but quickly got out of the business when I was sent up a 30 foot ladder, without a safety net, to paint the eaves. I was told not to look down so, of course, what did I do when I got to the top --- you got it, resigned!!!

What was your most interesting day at work?
In one of my previous jobs in San Francisco one of Richard Nixon’s daughters was visiting the company and there were several Secret Service Agents walking around talking into their sleeves. I thought, wow, I need to get a suit like that.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
If it were large enough I would build my dream cabin in the mountains, fund my daughters horse hobby, and produce a movie about Casinos in Las Vegas (maybe Casino II or Casino Revisited).

When you are not working what do you enjoy doing?
Golf, road biking, snowmobiling, skiing and watching my daughter compete in English horse jumping.

What is the next technology to impact the hospitality industry?
CRM and wireless. These will provide vital information for one-to-one marketing, guest services---convenience & flexibility.
The technologies have been around for years and it is now time to make them affordable and easy to implement and support. The other important technology issue is security, especially as related to CRM and wireless.

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