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In case you missed my last column from two weeks ago, it included a very short online poll to assess readers’ plans vis-à-vis the two competing technology-oriented trade shows scheduled for June 26-29. I will report the results in my next column, but if you haven’t taken the poll already, I’d really appreciate it if you could complete it now. The average respondent so far needed just over 90 seconds to complete it, and it will help a lot of people who are still undecided whether to head to Las Vegas or Toronto. Thank you!

The hospitality industry continues to face major challenges as the labor landscape shifts, driven by the pandemic and global macro-economic factors. As in other industries, hoteliers find themselves having to re-write the value proposition of working at a hotel. 

With every new year come the most recent studies and latest predictions aimed to forecast trends that will impact our industry. 2023 is no different.

Before this week’s column, I’d like to ask you a favor. If you could complete this short survey, we can gather some data that may help a lot of my readers who are trying to assess the relative traction of the competing trade shows scheduled for the end of June. While it’s great to hear that AHLA and HFTP have now agreed to avoid conflicting dates in future years, this year both shows are scheduled for June 26-29. I know many attendees and even some exhibitors are still trying to decide which show(s) to attend. Many are taking a wait-and-see attitude but want to know what others are doing before deciding. I know I do.

Looking ahead, Point of Sale or POS systems for hospitality will be shaped by the confluence of data and interoperability.  Data, understanding guests’ interests, behavior, and history, allows staff to deliver a better and more targeted experience. The interoperability of this data allows for the guest experience to be seamless. Combining these two things ensures that guests will receive a highly personalized smooth experience that feels natural. 

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3 Tips We Learned from a Top Luxury Hotelier
Posted: 12/13/2022 by Matthew Lynch

As a hotelier, you know there are many ways to define luxury. From a property’s physical space to its service culture standard, there’s no question that luxury lives in the details. But can you define a hotel as luxurious without modern, interactive technology? Perhaps luxury hotelier, Vaughn Davis, can offer some insight.

Is your hotel’s data protected? What if your hotel lost access to its data overnight? A situation like this would be more than an inconvenience, it would threaten your hotel’s operations and negatively impact your business in a myriad of ways. Loss of access to data could be the result of an on-premises system crash, which will be inconvenient, but which can be brought back into operation reasonably quickly with the help of your PMS and IT teams. The more serious threat to hoteliers is ransomware attacks, and unfortunately, thanks to their rising prevalence, should be a real concern to hoteliers.

A Flurry of Hotel Tech Company Mergers and Acquisitions Marks the End of 2021
Posted: 12/01/2021 by Fran Worrall, Hospitality Upgrade Editor

Since early 2020, the hospitality sector has witnessed a sea change. The worldwide disruption triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost every technology company in the industry to review their portfolios, reassess their strategies and redirect resources into areas with the greatest growth potential. Some businesses became targets for opportunistic deals, while others struggled to operate in ‘new normal’ mode.

Black Friday has surged in popularity over the past decade, and it has become the most important day for hotels to capture online bookings. Many travelers wait specifically for Black Friday to book their travel for the year, and most hotels cannot afford to miss out on this huge share of the business. Of course, creating an enticing sale offer is the first step to beating the competition and guaranteeing conversions. From discounted rates to special inclusions, there are many ways that hoteliers can tempt potential guests and encourage them to book a stay. 

Finding ways to justify the cost of new technology can be a challenge in today’s current environment, but many hoteliers are relying on it throughout the pandemic to improve operations, interact with guests, train workers, and increase revenue. With 2022 in sight, the rest of the industry is taking stock of the most valuable technology innovations that were successfully put-to-use this year. One big hurdle remains: the hotel property-management system.

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