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How You Lead is Your Choice
Posted: 06/21/2021

Life is about choices. And the choices you make every day reflect your life. 

Hospitality is built on the development and nurturing of personal relationships, extending beyond interactions with guests to include other hoteliers and even vendor partners. Hotel and resort owners and operators know that it’s not always enough to deliver positive results to customers, sometimes it’s more important to develop a connection with guests when providing service. This mentality can be a challenge for technology partners who have been conditioned by other industries to deliver results without emotion. However, company culture defines the way partners work together, and technology companies can learn a great deal from hospitality’s service-driven ethos.

Four weeks ago in this space, I published comprehensive thoughts on the need to reimagine the guest arrival process, and the many challenges hotels have faced trying to do that. Guests want the journey from the porte cochère to their room to be simple, fast, and personalized. Hotels, facing the most severe staffing shortages of modern times, want to minimize the need for staff, but also enable them focus on things that can impact guest satisfaction.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a subtle revolution going on in how people identify themselves. You may have experienced this at airport security checkpoints or boarding gates, where the Transportation Security Administration, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and others have been testing face readers. I admit it was a bit disconcerting when I walked up to the pre-check security checkpoint at O’Hare shortly before COVID, started to present my driver’s license and boarding pass, and was told “you can put those away and go right through” … especially since I had never pre-registered. I can only guess that they had matched the photo they had from my Global Entry membership, or maybe my passport, with a list of departing passengers for that day.

The difference between thriving and surviving is as vast as its impact on our life. When we are thriving, we are in a creative, engaged mindset. We see abundance and tend to be open to achieving more of what we want in our work, relationships and lives.

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The hotel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID19 pandemic. At its peak, more than ten percent of US hotels were closed and over 75 percent of all hotel workers were laid off. Owners and operators focused on “keeping the lights on,” and for the most part hoteliers were able to survive the worst year in the modern history of the industry. 

Encourage Productivity
Posted: 05/03/2021 by Renie Cavallari

I recently witnessed a conversation that was unraveling. It was interesting to watch how the person who was holding another person accountable became the bad guy. No one won. 

What 2020 Taught Us
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In early 2020 in celebration of Aspire's 25th Anniversary, I wrote a book called Sh*t I Wish I Knew, 25 Lessons over 25 Years. When we decided to make it a "limited edition," we had no idea how profound that decision would be!

Increase Your Teams Positivity & Productivity
Posted: 12/15/2020 by Renie Cavallari

Everyone is asking for us to do more with fewer people. This can cause overwhelming feelings and frustration as everything seems to be important and urgent. 

How to Jump Start Your Business
Posted: 09/25/2020 by Renie Cavallari

Things right now are hard to predict. That is a fact. Trends lack patterns. Strategy is a 6-month viewfinder. Leaders are in a tactical storm. We feel overwhelmed by the unknown and the feeling of “what is next.”