From the company’s simple beginnings in a Beijing apartment to the global expansion and recent major technology acquisitions, over a short period of time Shiji Group has experienced fantastic growth to serve a fully worldwide customer base. Looking back over the previous decade, Kevin King, COO of Shiji Group, shares the company’s background and pathway moving forward mixed with a desire to push the boundaries of technology for the hospitality industry. Below are some key takeaways from Mr. King’s article: 

  • Foundation: After capturing almost 70 percent of the Chinese hospitality and retail market in the first four years of the decade, Shiji set its sights on a global expansion. Today, Shiji Group is one of the world’s leading innovators in technology, providing an integrated suite of technological platforms to help connect the hospitality, retail, food and entertainment industries. In the past decade, Shiji has grown into a global technology provider, serving more than 74,000 hotels, more than 200,000 restaurants and more than 600,000 retail outlets in 177 countries and 15,000 cities outside of China. 

  • International Growth: Shiji serves more than 74,000 hotels in more than 15,000 cities around the world with 56% of hotels in the United States, more than 29,000 hotels in Europe, and almost 7,000 hotels in Asia PAC leveraging Shiji’s technology. More examples, 45% of hotels in Las Vegas operate with Shiji technology and more than 25% of Australia’s hotels use Shiji. Watch the Shiji Around the World video.

  • Investment: With a focus on challenges facing the hospitality market and to provide a solution, Shiji looked to better connect business to their own systems. Shiji developed a network of technological solutions to prioritize connectivity and an open API architecture. Shiji’s acquisition of and investment in companies like StayNTouch, MyCheck and ReviewPro has propelled its growth and innovation. For example, ReviewPro now processes more than 272 million online reviews per day and is set to launch an innovative guest experience technology at this year’s ITB Berlin. In addition to providing more mobile applications, Shiji is focusing on security as well to help properties fight fraud and comply with PSD2 regulations.
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