Once you decide where you are going, you must become a fanatical messenger to your team members around why you are evolving and what it means to them.

• How will they need to act differently?
• How will they need to think differently?
• Most importantly, what will they need to DO differently for the change to become a success story in this next chapter of your business’s life?

All success requires action. Hope may inspire us. Action is what makes things happen!

Focusing your team on what actions matter most (and first) is the essential part of your voice.
• Share your direction in bite-size pieces
• Make it relevant to the audience
• Communicate on a consistent basis. If you are not in their head weekly, you are not loud enough.
• Find ways to talk to everyone on one platform. Use electronic mediums or social media to be present in their world.
• Build connection between yourself, your people, and your message
• Be fanatical about where you are leading them and why

The Lesson: People care when you do. Be their voice, and they will play “all in.” Leadership is intentional. Get busy!

Live All in, Renie

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