When it comes to leadership today, how do you stay ahead of the competition? How do you innovate in your niche? How can your team think differently when most people hold on tightly to what they know? To have a competitive advantage, it’s all about keeping your eye on the future and looking for opportunities.

Finding opportunities can be difficult. In my experience, it is easiest to identify opportunities vs. create them. Make no mistake, identifying opportunities takes real effort. 

Here are 5 ways you can open your mind and begin to see the possibilities in front of you:

  1. Read ... more, and all not social media.
  2. Look ... for trends in your customer’s behavior, stress points and issues. They are opportunities to solve.
  3. Don’t ... assume what you have known is applicable now. Being in the “know” limits what you can see.
  4. Opportunities ... with bad execution are lost opportunities that cost you time and money.
  5. Hang ... with people who are smarter and don’t see things through your same viewfinder. Think with them. They will open your world.

When you consistently ask yourself, “What opportunity is this presenting me?”, you will be surprised to find out how much room for growth, innovation and change presents itself.

Be an opportunity identifier! 

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