The five most important leadership considerations at this time are:

1. Clarity of focus. Stay tactical. Ensure every person on your team is focused on the right things every day.

2. Connection. Stay close with your team. Find ways to inspire them daily. Ensure they know they are valued. Chaos impacts our feelings of emotional safety, increases stress, and can decrease our sense of trust. The more trust you build, the more commitment and productive activity each team member will deliver.

3. Compassion. Nothing stops progress like fear. Fear of the unknown is abundant. Fear of keeping all the work and home balls in the air is challenging for most of us. How can you compassionately improve individual performance and productivity while minimizing their feelings of being overwhelmed? How can you make things a little easier in their world and still serve your team’s needs and deliverables?

4. Agility. Read more. Listen more. Look at your analytics more. The old ways may be slowing you down, costing you money, or just not giving you the return you need. Challenge your team to think differently and leverage opportunities as they unfold. Uncertainty equals opportunity. #uncertaintyequalsopportunity

5. Be in dialogue. The more communication you have, the less stress and mistakes made. It is as simple as that. Lack of effective communication is the number one reason for error costs, upset feelings, and misalignment. Be in constant dialogue with your team.

If you want to be more effective with your team, take a close look at how you are leading.  

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